Have you heard the latest talk in cannabis town? Eating mangoes before consuming cannabis makes you more responsive to your medicine?

Hi(gh) – the entourage effect!

Okay, but is it actually true? Or is it just a high myth?

Do mangoes really make you more responsive to cannabis?

To be very honest, we don’t have any direct scientific evidence to say that with certainty. And we highly doubt anyone who may claim otherwise is guiding you in the right direction.

So far, no such studies exist. Period.

However, the research available on the components found in mangoes and cannabis do suggest there may well be a link between the two.

Both mangoes and cannabis share a common ingredient compound. We call this compound myrcene.

Myrcene is a type of terpene.

It’s also found in many other plants including aromatic herbs.

Studies reveal myrcene can enhance the activity of CB1 receptors (proteins responsible for interacting with THC) and increase their affinity for cannabinoids. Consequently, this drives THC uptake to increased levels and an individual may feel high as a result. The greater the concentration of myrcene in a cannabis strain, the stronger this “couch-lock” effect is. Indica strains have been found to carry the highest concentration of myrcene.

Therefore, eating a mango before consuming cannabis and the speculated entourage effect that accompanies it, could very well be a result of the presence of myrcene in the fruit.

What does this mean for you as a medical marijuana patient?

You may be tempted to try the idea of combining mangoes with your regular dose of cannabis for improved and better therapeutic results. However, it’s not something we will advise you to do without consulting your medical marijuana doctor first.

You could already be consuming a myrcene-rich cannabis strain and it could prove to be harmful to your health if you have too much in your body.

Your medical marijuana doctor will holistically analyze all the factors involved in your treatment, and if they find it necessary (or unharmful), they may agree to combine mangoes with your regular dose of cannabis.

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