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Indica MD Provides Medical Marijuana Certifications in Buffalo

Indica MD is here to save the day for residents of Buffalo in need of a medical marijuana evaluation. Indica MD has opened its digital doors for business across the state of New York and medical marijuana certifications can now be acquired online. Prospective patients interested in a healthier, greener way of life need not look any further. Indica MD’s online portal has streamlined the medicinal cannabis certification process and infused it with as much convenience as is possible, and then some — it’s mobile-friendly too! Instead of fighting Buffalo traffic and dealing with an overwhelming amount of unnecessary paperwork, Indica MD can help you complete this process digitally from the comfort of your own home. Their medical marijuana certification service is completely HIPAA-compliant, which means that all patient information is encrypted and protected. Compassionate, convenient, and expedient: Indica MD does it all.


Prospective patients in Buffalo need only follow a simple handful of steps to acquire their medical marijuana evaluations. First, they must register with Indica MD online and fill out a health questionnaire. Once that’s done, Indica MD will link the patient to state-approved cannabis doctor who will assess their conditions. Indica MD encourages its patients to bring pertinent medical records to their consultations. Once patients are given a medical cannabis recommendation, they must register with the state’s Medical Marijuana Program in order to acquire a Registry ID card, with which they can then safely and legally access dispensaries across not just Buffalo, but the entire state of New York.

Local Legislation:

Legislation in the state of New York only allows for those suffering from debilitating and chronic pain to use medicinal marijuana. As of March 2017, New York allows doctors across the state to determine, on a case-by-case basis, if a patient could benefit from medical marijuana. For now, the law only allows medicinal cannabis in oil or liquid form and the methods through which it is consumed are limited to vaporizers, inhalers, or capsules. Consuming medicinal cannabis in edible form or smoking it are actions prohibited by New York law. Also, doctors assessing patients with medical marijuana recommendations are required to include on their certification the brand of marijuana recommended as well as its method of consumption.

Service Locations:

Residents of Buffalo, from SUNY Buffalo State all the way down to Lackawanna, kick back and relax as Indica MD brings cannabis doctors to your front doorstep. Elmwood Villagers, ailing patients of South Park, and New Yorkers in Lasalle, Indica MD is here to improve your life. All you need is internet access. Regardless of your location, be it smack in the middle of Delaware Park or strolling down Sycamore Street in Emerson, acquiring a medical marijuana certification has never been easier.

Location Information:

Buffalo, New York is a growing hotspot for all things architecture, culture, and art. With locations like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House Complex, an architectural marvel built for a Buffalo businessman nearly a century ago, or Forest Lawn on Delaware Avenue, a scenic cemetery with more history than is quantifiable. If the waterfront piques your interest, head on down to Canalside on Prime Street for ice skating, picnicking, biking, kayaking, and more. And for the hockey fans out there, be sure to cheer on the Buffalo Sabres with your fellow New Yorkers at KeyBank Center down on the edge of Lake Erie.


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