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Indica MD Offers Medical Marijuana Certifications in Syracuse

New Yorkers residing in Syracuse in search of a holistic and natural approach to health improvement can now relax: Indica MD has streamlined the online medical marijuana certification process with its robust online portal. Regardless of where patients live, whether it be out in Northside or near the Syracuse Zoo, all that’s needed is an internet connection. Indica MD is also proud to inform its prospective patients that its services are mobile-friendly! Indica MD remains fully compliant with HIPAA standards and regulations and exclusively transmits its patients’ information through encrypted pathways to guarantee privacy as well as safety. With Indica MD, Syracuse is in great hands.


Indica MD has streamlined the process of acquiring a medical marijuana certification by bringing it online. Simple and straightforward,the first step to obtaining a medicinal cannabis recommendation in Syracuse is to register with Indica MD online. The patient must then fill out a quick health questionnaire before Indica MD connects the patient with a state-certified cannabis doctor across their online platform who will then assess the patient for a medical marijuana recommendation. Note that Indica MD encourages its patients to gather what pertinent medical records they can before consulting with a doctor online. Once the consultation has ended and the cannabis doctor as given the patient a medical marijuana certification, the patient must then register online with the New York State Medical Marijuana Program to obtain an official Registry ID card. Some weeks later, the Registry ID card will make its way through the mail to the patient’s mailbox — only then can the patient safely and legally access medical cannabis dispensaries across the state.

Local Legislation:

Medical marijuana legislation in New York upholds that prospective medical cannabis patients must suffer from chronic or debilitating diseases. As of March 2017, doctors across Syracuse and New York at large have been empowered by the state to determine, on their own and on a case-by-case basis, whether a patient’s condition is deserving of medicinal cannabis administration. Also, current New York marijuana legislation only allows for it to be consumed in liquid or oil forms via vaporizers, inhalers, or capsules. Smoking flower and consuming edibles is strictly prohibited. Further, be aware that the medical marijuana certification given by an approved doctor must include the recommended method of administration and the brand name.

Service Locations:

Indica MD now includes Syracuse in its plethora of digital New York-serving locales. From 7th Street on down through Northside and Syracuse University, patients interested in remedying their chronic ailments may now jump onto Indica MD to seek a healthier and more holistic solution. Westside, Eastside, and Southside residents of Syracuse, fear not! You’re more than welcome to make use of Indica MD as well. And residents of Valley down between I-80 and I-11? You guys are covered, too.

Location Information:

Syracuse’s lakes, streams, hills, and valleys all come together to lift Syracuse above the competition. Nature-lovers ought to spend some time in the Highland Forest where one can hike, ride horses, jog, or even picnic. Also, the renowned Rosamond Gifford Zoo over on Conservation Place is home to lions, elephants, and a host of other exotic creatures. Head on over to the Erie Canal Museum to learn about the hows and whys of the Erie Canal as well as what it means to Syracuse and New York in general. Brush up on your art history by stopping by the Everson Museum of Art or kick back for a day and check out the antiques along Harrison Street in the City Market.