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Indica MD Offers Medical Marijuana Certification in Rochester

New Yorkers living in Rochester looking for a new, healthy approach to palliative relief now have access to Indica MD, one of the country’s most robust online medical marijuana certification services. Regardless of where prospective patients may live, be it up on the edge of Lake Ontario or smack in the center of the 19th Ward, Indica MD has Rochester covered. Indica MD is proud to inform its prospective patients that their online portal is mobile-friendly, too; access their services in Rochester while on the go! Indica MD also remains steadfastly compliant with HIPAA regulations by exclusively transmitting its patients’ records across encrypted channels to guarantee safety and security. With Indica MD, Rochester residents may now go to where the grass is indeed greener.


Indica MD has worked hard to streamline and simplify the medical marijuana certification process by connecting its patients to state approved cannabis doctors online. The initial step a patient must take to obtain a medical marijuana certification in Rochester is to, first, register online with Indica MD, and second, fill out a health questionnaire. Indica MD will then connect a state certified doctor across the web to the patient for a consultation. The state approved medical cannabis doctor can then assess the patient with a medicinal cannabis certification. Then—just one more step!—New York law states that the patient must register with the New York State Medical Marijuana Program in order to obtain an official Registry ID card. Once the Registry ID card snails its way through the mail, then the patient can legally access medicinal cannabis dispensaries across the state.

Local Legislation:

Medicinal cannabis laws in New York uphold that prospective medical marijuana patients must suffer from debilitating and/or chronic diseases in order to qualify. Further, as of March 2017, New York law has empowered its doctors with the ability to determine on their own if any of their patients should receive a medical marijuana recommendation. Current New York legislation only allows for medical cannabis to be consumed in liquid or oil form via inhalers, vaporizers, or capsules. Smoking and edible consumption are prohibited by law. Also note that the medicinal marijuana certification given by the state approved doctor must include two things: a recommended method of administration and a brand name.

Service Locations:

Indica MD has expanded its digital domain to include Rochester. Whether you live eastward or westward of the Genesee River, or even up further north in Charlotte, Indica MD will gladly provide you with a private consultation. Even if you’re stuck in traffic along Lake Avenue or waiting for coffee on Clifford Avenue, Indica MD’s services are accessible with just the click of a button or the press of a fingertip. From the University of Rochester to Beechwood and everywhere in between, this online medical marijuana recommendation service cannot be beat.

Location Information:

Rochester, New York may be known for the University of Rochester and its attendant successes, but Rochester is full of parks and museums and eateries worth exploring. The Strong National Museum of Manhattan Square Drive is a highly interactive, collections-based museum built for families to explore. The George Eastman Museum on East Avenue provides visitors with a peek into the life of George Eastman, a pioneer of popular photography and film. If you’re looking for a little more green in your visit to Rochester, the Finger Lakes Wine Country isn’t just a scenic drive, but offers great wine tastings as well. Perfect ways to wrap the day up include a brisk walk through Highland Park or a visit to the Seneca Park Zoo—they’ve got bengal tigers!