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New York Medical Marijuana Laws

Legality & Medical Cannabis
Document Requirements

According to local laws, any individual suffering from various ailments in the State of New York, is allowed treatment involving medical marijuana. Recently, chronic pain has been added to the list. If you have been diagnosed with a severe condition that can lead to disability and is accompanied by another complicated condition, you’re eligible for a recommendation. The list of chronic illnesses involves, but is not limited to:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Cancer
  • HIV or AIDS
  • ALS
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis

And many more. Muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, and chronic pain are also included.
Furthermore, in 2016, the State of New York has given permission for medical evaluations to be conducted online, via telehealth, by a State-licensed physician.

What Indica MD Needs When You Meet Online With Our Doctor:

The first thing our physicians require is a report involving your latest diagnosis (within 12 months.)
This can be in the form of an X-Ray, MD diagnosis for severe or chronic pain, or event a broken bone.
Secondly, we need proof of other intervention treatments that you have sought out before. This will help us manage everything and in case you are still on medication, our physicians can start treatment accordingly.
It is important that you have your medical records or documents ready when you talk to our physicians online. While there are many conditions that our doctors will take into consideration, if you have the documentations available, our physicians will help create a medical release form to submit to your previous physician.
For example: if you suffer from chronic pain, our doctors will first identify what are the underlying causes.A one-page MD diagnosis (within the past 12 months) will help make everything simple for you and for us.

New York Medical Marijuana Card

New York Medical Marijuana Certification for New Patients for $149 Only

    • Medical Marijuana Recommendation Valid for 12 Months in NY, unless stated otherwise
    • 24/7 Online Verification
    • Easily Download Certification Upon Approval
    • Safe and Secure—Guaranteed

    Indica Live Chat and

New York Medical Marijuana Certification FOLLOW UP/RENEWAL $149

  • Medical Marijuana Recommendation Valid for 12 Months in NY, unless stated otherwise
  • 24/7 Online Verification
  • Easily Download Certification Upon Approval
  • Safe and Secure—Guaranteed

Indica Live Chat and


We do not accept insurance for the medical marijuana program.
Medical cannabis administration is given in the form of: vapor, oral and sublingual.

**As with any prescription, medical cannabis should be kept in proper packaging.

Interstate transfer of product is forbidden.


New York Medical Marijuana Process

Getting Permission for New York Medical Marijuana Program

New York’s Medical Marijuana program is still a new program, starting in 2014 after the federal government passed a law, introducing New York to the medical marijuana marketplace.

This plan has been beneficial because it has allowed a fixed number of dispensaries to become operational in New York. The number of permitted dispensaries was initially set to 5 and incrementally increased to 10 and then 20.

New York allowed 5 organizations sell their products in the market at the start and then gradually, the number was raised to 10.
Furthermore, according to the law, New York only allows the sale of Marijuana in capsules, oils and liquid form. Individuals are prohibited from smoking and recreational use of Marijuana.
Moreover, there are still restrictions on who is allowed to purchase and distribute the medicine and capsules.

What is the Process for Getting Medical Marijuana?

Getting Medical Marijuana treatment for your condition involves 3 steps. Firstly, you will need to speak with a medical marijuana physician so that they can analyze your condition. After the physician has approved of a recommendation, you will need to collect your card from your county’s dispensary.

Who Qualifies for Medical Marijuana Treatment?

Individuals diagnosed with one or two of the following ailments or chronic illnesses are legally protected under New York’s medical marijuana law, according to the Assembly Bill 6357:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Disorder (PTSD)
  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • with a neurological condition
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD)
  • neuropathies and Huntington’s Disease

Here’s HAPPY

I had a great experience with Indica MD. Their website was easy to use, and Doctor O’Connell was absolutely amazing. He spent over 30 minutes with me, discussing the history of my case and recommending different options for pain and appetite management. He helped me get approved for my medical marijuana card very quickly and provided phenomenal support throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend this service for anybody who has a legitimate need for medical marijuana!

Bruce C, Brooklyn, New York

Dr. O’Connell was very friendly and smart about my condition, not to mention his knowledge about neurology. The staff does not answer the phones until about ten after, though. The website is confusing because I got the impression that there was a local visit available, but it’s telemedicine. Telemedicine is very cool though. The telemedicine interview worked great, except I hate my iMac camera. I have to work on the lighting. I highly recommend Indica MD and Dr. O’Connell, as it was way cheaper and more convenient than finding some local Dr. who overcharges in cash. (PS, I never give more than five stars).

Scott O, Buffalo, New York

Dr. O’Connell was super helpful helping me get set up as a Med MJ patient. In NY State the process is still a little bit bumpy but he helped me through it and I was registered within a day. He even sent me his cell # and we did most of the follow up with a little back and forth via TXT! Never had a doctor work with me like that before! Super helpful! Thanks so much Dr. O’Connell! I really appreciate your care, time and patience!

Mike G. , Riverhead, New York

Finding Indica and Dr O’Connell has changed my life! I didn’t know what to expect by enrolling in the Medical Marijuana program, nor how to go about contacting an organization with a qualified doctor. Lucky for me, I chose Indica and was promptly and proficiently granted an appt. with Dr. O’Connell, their leading expert. His consultation was the most comprehensive, thorough, compassionate, gracious assessment I have ever had with a health professional. His knowledge, guidance, and caring enthusiasm is such a rarity in this world. His conviction gave me great hope compared to my futile years of combatting chronic back pain, after failing in all other conventional and alternative treatments. And he was 100% correct in all the benefits I would reap with the medication for the control of my pain, for my emotional and physical despair, and for restoring my quality of life. I am overwhelmed in expressing my gratitude toward Indica, and the shining light of Dr. O’Connell! His follow-through was also paramount. He led me through the process of acquiring my Medical Marijuana card, and his professional team sent my certificate in a day. He answered all of my questions within minutes of my asking them, long after our consultation had ended, and has continued to guide me through my development in the program. It would be impossible to find a more cohesive, caring, and skilled team than Indica and Dr. O’Connell and I thank them from the depths of my heart.

Camille Petrillo, Hampton, New York

My overall experience with Dr. O’Connell was very positive and I would recommend him to others without hesitation.

David R, White Plains, New York

My experience with IndicaMD and Dr. O’Connell has been exactly what I was hoping for. I didn’t feel as if I was trying to convince someone or prove something, which is how I have felt at with other physicians. It was wonderful to have information I already knew about the program confirmed as well as being able to learn new things about medical marijuana. Although the online platform can be tricky for some, it offers a convenience that most providers simply cannot attest to. Thank you for the compassion and care. I cannot speak anything less than kind words about the entire process.

Ali G, White Plains, New York

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr O’Connell. He is very knowledgable on the subject of medical marijuana and is easy to talk to and very attentive ! He has helped with all the paperwork and answering many questions on the spot without hesitation. I cannot recommend Dr O’Connell highly enough. Thank you so much !

DJ Vagu, Manhattan, New York
They are so unbelievably helpful and just genuinely nice people. Easy to get in touch with and most importantly stay in touch with! I know I can call or text anytime, and they get back to me almost instantly. Great people, great service, 5 stars all around
Ashley J, Manhattan, New York

I would never recommend anyone else in their search for medical marijuana! From the beginning, I felt like a VIP with Indica MD. The cutoff time for telemedicine appointments was near and Dr O’Connell took the time to sit and chat with me via video and I had my certification within minutes. Indica MD and Dr. O’Connell are undoubtedly top notch and you will always feel like I you’re talking with an equal and not some stiff doctor. I even get check-ins to see how everything is going! Honestly, throw the other options out the window. It’s a new age in medical marijuana and Indica MD is leading it.

Rudy Hinojosa, New York, New York

Dr. O’Connell was prompt, knowledgeable, compassionate, and brought keen clinical insight to my medical need. I signed up and within one minute received a notice he was ready to meet. He was just about to head into surgery and wanted to take a moment to establish contact. THAT’s commitment. I live in Fulton County and can’t recommend highly enough. Oh, he also walked me step-by-step through New York’s cumbersome process. I expect my card this week. Thank you Indica, and thank you Dr. O’Connell!

Glenn A., Albany, New York

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Safe And Secure

  • Once approved by our medical marijuana physician, you’ll receive an email with your California or New York City Medical Marijuana Recommendation Letter.
  • Our physician doctor will print, sign, emboss, and send your original recommendation or certification form in the U.S. mail for free.If you’re in California, you will get your medical marijuana card in the mail in 3–5 days.
  • In New York, your will get your MMJ certification number from the doctor to apply for a New York Medical Marijuana Card. This can take 7—10 days.
100% Guaranteed

  • Access to every medical marijuana dispensary and delivery service.
  • 24/7 Online VerificationLive Customer Support from 10am – 10pm, Monday – Saturday.
  • Valid for 1 yearPrivate and Secured HIPAA Protected Medical Record


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