Tips on How to Use Medical Marijuana

//Tips on How to Use Medical Marijuana

Tips on How to Use Medical Marijuana

Tips on How to Use Medical Marijuana

Are you attempting to consume medical marijuana for the first time? And are you finding yourself at a complete loss on how to do it? Well, don’t worry anymore, because this article presents a complete guide on the methods of consuming marijuana, which will make you an expert before you even know it! There are a variety of methods through which you can consume it.

Here are some of the most popular methods.

Smoking Medical Cannabis


Marijuana is usually consumed by smoking it, whether it is for medical or recreational use. If you want to go for this method, you can do so in two ways.

· Water pipe or “bong”
· Rolling paper

If you decide to opt for the bong, you’ll have to take a small amount of dried or cured marijuana flower. Using rolling paper involves placing that marijuana in a thin line on the paper and then wrapping the paper around it. Once that is done, you will have a ready “joint”.

The next thing that you need to do is to light up the marijuana flower in the pipe or joint. Inhale the smoke, however take care that you don’t keep the smoke in for too long. Therefore, instead of deep inhales, take small drags or “tokes”. Keep doing to create the desired effect.


  • These methods usually provide instant relief from whatever medical condition you are suffering from
  • You can regulate the dosage easily
  • This method is cheap
  • There isn’t much effort that needs to go into this
  • You have many choices of a variety of medical marijuana strains for the usage


  • Burning marijuana creates carcinogens which are dangerous to inhale.
  • When burning the flowers, 80% of the cannabis is destroyed by the fire in the combustion process which can be wasteful of the medicine.
  • Your lungs can become irritated via the smoke; it might result in more damage than good
  • It’s not a good option for individuals that suffer from lung cancer, emphysema or asthma
  • The smell can linger upon your skin or clothes and be offensive to others.

Eating Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Edibles

Back in the day, brownies that contained marijuana were sufficient. The disadvantage was that the taste of the brownies was highly unpleasant. These days the legalization and subsequent increase in popularity of medical marijuana has resulted in the development of a variety of edibles that contain marijuana.

Some of the most popular variants include chocolate bars, crackers, gummy bears, cookies, ice cream, nut mixes, chews and lollipops. The techniques of making these have been refined over the years, so you’ll barely notice the taste of marijuana while you’re eating the edible of your choice. Out of all methods of consumption, this method is highly popular amongst the youth and the elderly.


  • The relief that you get lasts for a far longer time, compared to the relief you get from smoking
  • It’s an excellent option for people who do not prefer smoking it, or have asthma or emphysema
  • The edibles currently available taste very good
  • You can be assured that you are taking the right dosage every time


  • You won’t feel the relief immediately. The effect can take up to 30-60 minutes to kick in
  • The dosage is decided by the manufacturer
  • You have to keep the edibles safe from children and pets
  • The effect may last longer compared to the effect of smoking or vaporizing marijuana which may be overwhelming for patients who are not looking to be medicated for extended periods of time. Once THC is metabolized by the body, it cannot be reversed therefore a patient must endure the entire medication period without the ability to “turn it off” until it wears out of the system. Typically ending up in sleeping.

Vaporing Medical Marijuana


Consuming medical marijuana via “vaping” or vaporizing is a relatively new method. Ever since this method became popular, there has been an influx of a variety of vaporizers in the market. They come in a multitude of sizes and shapes.

In order to consume marijuana by vaporizing, you first have to heat the vaporizer to the precise temperature. After that, you have to put a little dried or cured marijuana flower in the instrument. Once that is done, press the button on the vaporizer and begin inhaling the vapor.

The resulting vapor will usually not be as hot as the smoke via smoking marijuana. However the temperature will ensure that you get the medicinal benefit of marijuana.


  • The relief is felt immediately
  • Vaporizing oils may be more cost effective as medicine can last longer because vaporizing is more efficient than burning cannabis.
  • It is significantly less harmful for your lungs, compared to smoking marijuana
  • The smell does not linger
  • It is more discreet to use


  • Vaporizer cartridges may not be pure cannabis oils and a lot can be mixed with propylene glycol which is a health questionable solvent.
  • Vaporizers oils may have residual solvents and carriers (such as glycerol) as well as concentration of pesticides may have detrimental health consequences.
  • You will need to recharge the battery regularly if you have a vaporizer that’s battery operated
  • Vaporizers have parts that may breakdown or cartridges that leak
  • Ease of use may encourage increase in use and abuse or addiction.

Sublingual Tinctures or Sprays for Medical Marijuana


Tinctures or sprays of medical marijuana are kept in small bottles. The ingredients of these tinctures are cannabinoids that have been extracted and mixed with glycerin solution, alcohol and coconut oil. The method by which you use these is spraying a small amount under your tongue. The tissues in the mouth are highly permeable, allowing for the marijuana to be quickly absorbed.


  • A method that is far less harmful for the lungs, compared to smoking marijuana
  • You can easily control the dosage
  • The taste is pleasant
  • This method is recommended for children


  • This can be expensive for individuals who require larger amounts of the necessary cannabinoids
  • Tinctures or sprays have the desired effect more quickly compared to edibles, but it isn’t as quick as smoking

Ointments for Medical Cannabis


If you want to consume the marijuana purely for its health benefits, without getting the psychotropic effect, you should go for topical ointments of medical marijuana. These ointments are available in a variety of forms that include lotions, salves and sprays. They are an excellent solution for minor burns, sunburns, joint pain, chapped skin, soreness of muscles, eczema, arthritis and tendonitis.


  • Depending on your preference, no psychotropic effects
  • Excellent solution for a number of skin ailments
  • Quick relief upon application to the area affected


  • Not that effective for epilepsy, cancer, glaucoma or PTSD
  • No euphoric effects

Drinking Medical Marijuana


Yes it is actually possible to consume marijuana by drinking it. All clinics, shops and dispensaries that sell medical marijuana provide an array of smoothies, teas, juices and sodas. You can also make a drink on your own. What you need to do for that is pour some hot water in a mug or cup and put a marijuana bud, wax or tincture in the water. You can add flavor by adding tea of your choice.


  • The relief you get lasts for a significant period of time
  • Excellent solution for individuals who prefer not to smoke
  • Great for relieving stress
  • Excellent for rejuvenation


  • Takes time for the effect to kick in
  • It can be hard to measure the necessary amount for the dosage
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