Marijuana, or cannabis, as most of us know it, has been used around the world for many years for its medicinal properties and recreation. Cannabis was illegal for most of the 20th century and there are many countries where it is still illegal to use despite its medicinal properties.

In this blog, we will discuss how the legalization of marijuana happened over the years and what we can expect in the future.

Origins Of Cannabis

The oldest record of using marijuana for medicinal purposes comes from China (2300 BC). The emperor Shen Nung, who is referred to as the father of Chinese medicine, used cannabis to treat conditions such as arthritis, lack of appetite, asthma, and depression.

The Indians were also keen on using marijuana in their Ayurvedic medicine to treat ailments such as epilepsy. Marijuana is still used to this day to manage epilepsy and provide pain relief in case of inflammation, infection, and injuries. Marijuana has a special place in their religion with one of their gods Shiva being referred to as ‘the god of bhang’.

Cannabis was also used in Western medicine during the mid-nineteenth century. Many physicians used it for its therapeutic properties. O’Shaughnessy, a professor of the Medical College of Calcutta used cannabis for the treatment of rheumatism, tetanus, and even rabies.

The royal physician of Queen Victoria was known to prescribe it to her as a treatment for pain and nausea.

Modern-Day Revival Of Marijuana In Medicine

For most of the early 20th century, marijuana was banned due to the potential of its abuse. The Taz Act of 1937 made the use of this drug illegal and by the 1950s it was classified as a Schedule I drug which had no medical value and could be abused by the general public.

This did not stop the use of marijuana for medical purposes and in the 1970s many patients were treated for glaucoma using the drug. The federal government sanctioned the use of marijuana to treat these conditions and this resulted in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program which authorized only a small number of patients to be treated with marijuana.

The interest in medical marijuana increased in the 1990s and this resulted in the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of California. At this time it was largely used to treat AIDS and cancer.

Today, the majority of the states have legalized marijuana and there is research conducted on how marijuana helps manage seizures, chronic pain, muscle spasm, and more. In the coming years, we can expect the total legalization of marijuana and more research uncovering the health benefits of marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Cards 

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