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Anxiety Disorders and Anxiety Attacks—the Differences Explained

2019 has seen a rise in emphasizing the importance of maintaining good mental health! Influencers, doctors, celebrities, ordinary citizens, and members of the government have all come forward with stories of how mental and psychological wellbeing are important. […]

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Why Medical Marijuana Is Becoming the Go-To Solution for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can inhibit one’s life in many ways. It affects your career as well as your personal life to the extent that some individuals find themselves homebound due to chronic pain. 50 million Americans suffer with some sort of chronic pain or the other. […]

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Medical Marijuana: The Cost-Effective Alternate to Expensive Pharmaceutical Drugs

The cost of healthcare is on the rise globally. Most individuals suffering from chronic, progressive, and terminal diseases have to worry about funding their treatment since medical insurance isn’t enough to pay their bills, landing them in a tremendous amount of debt. […]

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