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Can Medical Marijuana Make You More Creative?

You must have heard of John Lennon, Brian Wilson, and Syd Barrett. Do you know what all of these music legends have in common (apart from unmatched musical ability, of course)? All of them used drugs to boost their creativity. […]

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Patient’s Guide to Treating Migraine’s with Medical Marijuana

Migraines are more than just allergy or stress-related headaches. They can last for 4 to 72 hours and make it extremely difficult for an individual to perform even the most trivial tasks. In addition to that, things like noise and movement can further amplify the symptoms. […]

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Spasticity Relief through Marijuana Therapy

Muscle spasms are one of the most common reasons for prescription of medical marijuana. Previous studies showed a positive correlation of marijuana treatment for relieving the spasms, often showing significant improvement in human and animal trials. Research into the treatment of spasticity through marijuana was abandoned however, mostly because of the negative news surrounding the drug. With the recent increase in its adoption, the research has been picked up by a number of scientific and [...]

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