Pain management is a common concern for many patients, especially when dealing with chronic pain resulting from surgeries, and health conditions such as arthritis and cancer. In these cases, medical marijuana is used for its potential to relieve pain without having serious side effects that are commonly associated with opioids and other pain medications.

So, should you opt for medical marijuana or opioids? Here is what you need to know.


The reason why many doctors are prescribing medical marijuana over opioids is because there are fewer cases of addictions. The common side effect of using opioids is that they are highly addictive. The use of opioids in relieving pain is quite common but risky. Opioids bind to the brain‘s pain receptors and in turn, the brain can develop a dependence on these resulting in devastating consequences. The patients will often turn to drugs to self -soothe after intense health problems. This is why there are over 2.1 million cases of opioid use disorders in the USA. 

Having access to medical marijuana cards can help you replace opioids for pain relief and ensures that the patient is not at risk of becoming dependent on the drug.

Fewer side effects

Opioids have many side effects, and some of them are quite extreme. From nausea and constipation to respiratory diseases and overdoses, there are so many health concerns that arise from the use of opioids in pain management.

On the other hand, medical marijuana has fewer side effects. In many cases, patients experience no side effects at all but experience the calming effects of marijuana on their nerves.

Fewer Overdoses

The number of deaths related to overdoses from opioids is strikingly high. There have been over 106,000 deaths from opioid overdose. Many of these deaths could have been prevented. Medical marijuana can prevent the risk of overdose as it is not possible to have a fatal overdose from marijuana and it is just as effective in pain management as opioids.

Medical Marijuana Or Opioids

athlete with physical injury in need of pain relief 

Medical marijuana cards can be used to purchase medical marijuana that provides pain relief to patients without risking their life. Medical marijuana is far less addictive and many doctors are prescribing it because it can be administered by patients without risking a fatal overdose. IndicaMD is a trusted telemedicine company that provides medical marijuana cards in Manhattan so that patients can seek alternative pain relief treatments

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