The use of marijuana for medicine is becoming increasingly popular and many states in the US have legalized cannabis mainly because of the many success stories we get to hear of patients who opted for it. IndicaMD plays a key role in connecting patients with medical marijuana doctors.

In this blog, we highlight a few real-life experiences with marijuana use.

1. Monica J.

Monica was only seven when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Her family, devastated by the news, tried every possible treatment before turning to medical marijuana. Doctors have reported significant improvement in her condition after she started the use of medical marijuana.

Monica, who is now nineteen, is in a much better state than she was seven years ago. However, her health has suffered significantly due to the adverse side effects of the medication she took. Monica’s parents say that if they had opted for medical marijuana sooner, her body would have shown improvement much earlier.

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2. Jack P.

Jack has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and his symptoms included severe pain and muscle spasticity. Jack had tried every possible medication for his pain, however, nothing worked for him. One day while suffering the internet, he read about MS patients using medical marijuana for pain relief and he decided to give it a shot. It was that day and today, Jack is convinced that medical marijuana is a safe option for pain.

He says that his decision to use medical marijuana has made living with MS much easier.

3. Sam B.

Sam, a 35 year old working as a graphic designer in Moorhead, MN, frequently complained about sleepless nights. He said that his work as a designer was being seriously impacted because of his insomnia. Sam met with a doctor who advised the use of medical marijuana for his insomnia. Since that day, Sam has reported that medical marijuana has made it easier for him to fall asleep. In addition, he says that his sleep quality has also improved.

Sam is one of many who have reported improvements in falling asleep and the overall quality of sleep. According to a study, participants using marijuana experienced improvements in their sleep disorders.

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