The Connection Between Medical Marijuana and PTSD

Across the globe, millions of individuals experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Most people with PTSD have gone through or witnessed a traumatic event in their life, which lead to their condition. Such traumatic events can be accidents, natural disasters, assaults, or war. […]

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Real-Life Experiences Of People Who Use Medical Marijuana

The use of marijuana for medicine is becoming increasingly popular and many states in the US have legalized cannabis mainly because of the many success stories we get to hear of patients who opted for it. IndicaMD plays a key role in connecting patients with medical marijuana doctors. In this blog, we highlight a few real-life experiences with marijuana use. […]

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The Role of Marijuana in Improving Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic illness that affects the neurons in the brain and the spinal cord. Due to inflammation, the neurons are damaged, which harms brain functionality. There are many other possible symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS), including issues with vision, arm or leg mobility, pain, and muscle spasticity. […]

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How To Qualify For a Medical Marijuana Card

Many patients are looking into getting a medical marijuana card so they may utilize this alternative form of medication. For individuals who are unfamiliar with the procedure, the requirements for obtaining a medical marijuana card vary from state to state and can be complicated. This is where IndicaMD can help you. […]

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