CBD and Anti-Aging: 3 Ways CBD Can Help You Look Younger

Have you come across individuals who look older than their age? Factors like extreme stress or various health conditions can lead to premature aging. In recent times, anti-aging creams are being used by people to reverse the signs of aging. However, due to their expensive nature and adverse side effects, people prefer natural alternatives like CBD oil over their artificial counterparts. […]

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CBD and Athletic Performance: What’s the Connection?

Athletes are always at a greater risk of injuries which is why their chosen method of pain relief needs to work efficiently. Since OTC pain relievers have been said to have adverse side effects, athletes are looking for other medical options. Continue reading to learn the various benefits of CBD for athletes from our online medical marijuana doctor. Provides Pain Relief Studies show cannabis (mostly THC) is effective in pain relief, especially musculoskeletal pain and [...]

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Can Medicinal Marijuana Help Treat Depression?

It’s unfortunate that many people still don’t view depression as a genuine health concern when the Depression Association of America reports that forty million American adults have mental health issues. Depression has been historically treated with the help of various therapies and home remedies, but since the legalization of medicinal marijuana in California in 1998, it has been used to treat depression. Continue reading this blog to find out more. […]

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Can Medical Marijuana Treat Eating Disorders?

We are just starting to learn about the various benefits of medical marijuana. Increased research over the past couple of years, along with the gradual legalization of the substance in several states, has helped in changing the public’s perception of this controversial drug. However, the ways in which medical marijuana can help treat an eating disorder remain a territory we know little about. […]

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