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Senior Adults and Medical Marijuana Use

Seniors are already at a pretty high status in life—but what if we told you a lot of them are voluntarily consuming medical marijuana to get even higher? According to CNN, marijuana usage among older adults is rising. If you’re looking for a number, cannabis use among older Americans has gone up by 75% in only 3 years. […]

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Indica Vs. Sativa Vs. Hybrid: Which Strain Is Best for You?

Marijuana has become an everyday part of the lives of millions of Americans. More than half of American adults admit that they’ve tried marijuana at least once in their lives. Out of these, 22 million are active users. […]

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3 Ways to Take CBD Oil Discreetly

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the wonders of CBD by now. Healthcare specialists see it as a miracle cure for everything from aches and pains to anxiety and depression. Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD treats numerous chronic illnesses, without altering the nervous systems or causing a “high.” […]

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Medical Marijuana for Traumatic Brain Injury

Every year, traumatic brain injury results in the death or disability of thousands of Americans. The effects of TBI are said to have a lasting impact on both families and communities. Those who survive end up with permanent impairment of their cognitive ability, memory, sensations, and emotional functioning. Let’s see how this leading public health concern affects you and how medical marijuana might help with some symptoms. […]

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