Marijuana is produced from cannabis, a plant with several chemical compounds. These compounds come together in different combinations to produce the effect that marijuana users feel while consuming it.

Among these compounds, terpenes in marijuana are the ones that give it its unique smell and flavor. But that’s not all there is to them. It is a class of organic molecules that gives a marijuana consumer a lot more than just aroma. It has therapeutic and soothing properties, which can help with a lot of health conditions. If you’re looking to use marijuana to help with symptoms of any disease, consult with a medical marijuana doctor in Minnesota today!

In this blog, we will explore more about the role of terpenes in marijuana and all that marijuana users need to know about them. Let’s dive right in!

Role of  Terpenes in Marijuana

To put it simply, terpenes are aromatic compounds in all plants and a few animals. Since cannabis is a plant, they are essential to its composition. Terpenes give cannabis its distinct smell that users can distinguish immediately. They also add a unique taste to different recreational and medical marijuana products based on their concentration in the said product.

If you use medical marijuana, your doctor would’ve recommended a composition of terpenes and cannabinoids that works best with your symptoms.

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How do Terpenes Help?

Terpenes in marijuana work with cannabinoids to produce the required effect of cannabis. They can determine how cannabinoids interact with the user’s body and induce some of their effects.

While the effects of terpenes in marijuana are not yet fully understood, research is slowly uncovering their potential benefits. Some terpenes offer anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, while others are used to treat mental health conditions.

For example, myrcene enhances the THC effect and gives the user a sedative experience.

Limonene, another terpene variation, is believed to counteract the sedative nature of cannabis and bring an uplifting mood. Pinene helps with staying alert and sharpening memory. It is also recommended by medical marijuana doctors for treating anxiety and depression.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Terpenes are an essential component of cannabis, and understanding their effects can help users select strains that meet their specific needs. You will need medical marijuana card if you wish to use marijuana for medical purposes in Minnesota.

You must work with a healthcare professional who can assess and recommend the right product for your condition.

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