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Does CBD Work as An Effective Remedy for Migraines?

Cannabis has around 120 different substances, and CBD is one of them. CBD doesn’t contain psychoactive properties like THC. CBD oil is known for its therapeutic benefits and has proven to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. […]

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Medical Cannabis Patients and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Things You Need To Know

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of human life. From work to school to physical and mental health; everything has been adversely affected by the Coronavirus. As the American healthcare system in America struggles with the pressures specific to the Coronavirus, patients undergoing other types of treatment have also struggled to receive sufficient attention. […]

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CBD Hemp Flower: How to Choose the Best Strain

Owning to its numerous medical benefits, the CBD hemp flower is becoming increasingly popular across the US. People use it to relieve pain, treat insomnia, improve appetite, and reduce stress. There are many ways to take the hemp flower depending on your preference and lifestyle; while some people enjoy vaping, others smoke it and infuse it with edibles. […]

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New York Passes Eviction Bill Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients

In July 2020, New York State passed a bill approving housing protection for medical marijuana patients. Section 4117 of the bill “prohibits the eviction for using medical marijuana as a treatment” and considers it illegal under the law. […]

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