Obesity is a growing issue across the world. Today, around 39% of the world’s population is either overweight or obese, which is extremely alarming for future generations. We, humans, have long quested for easy and simple solutions for weight loss to fight the global obesity pandemic. But what if we told you one simple solution has always been around and you never noticed?

Well, we are talking about cannabis – a drug that was only a few decades ago blacklisted for being harmful and dangerous and is now being considered a potential solution to obesity. There are multiple reasons why most people believe that cannabis or marijuana can greatly help reduce weight.

We have all tried following certain diets or being more physically active for long-term weight loss. Some have even resorted to medications and supplements to boost the process of weight loss – but has anyone ever tried cannabis? Well, luckily, cannabis is now legalized in most of the states of the country, and you might be able to use medical marijuana to help with your obesity. Want to know how that works? You are at the right place.

Today, let’s talk about how cannabis can help with reducing weight and obesity.

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Cannabis and Weight Loss

If you have tried cannabis before, or even if you have not, we are sure you have heard about the famous “munchies” – the name for the overpowering drive to eat snacks and sweets after smoking cannabis. Munchies are a very common result of smoking cannabis and have been one of the biggest reasons why people always associate smoking weed or marijuana with weight gain. This is why when the research about the relationship between cannabis and weight became debatable.

Well, your cannabis intake might be affecting your increased cravings and lower body weight again, but it is not as straightforward. In fact, there are many other logical reasons why cannabis can be helpful for weight loss, such as:

1. Cannabis Helps Increase Mobility

By now, we know that cannabis helps with chronic pain and relieves symptoms of stiffness. This is one reason why the use of medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular in helping people with chronic pain problems. Therefore, as cannabis helps with stiffness and pain, it allows people with mobility issues to find it easier to be more physically active and productive by using cannabis.

2. Cannabis Lowers Stress Levels

Stress eating and drinking is a common issue – much more common than the munchies people feel after cannabis smoking. And there is no secret that marijuana helps with issues like anxiety and overthinking by calming your down when stressed out. Hence, it is easy to make the connection that as cannabis helps reduce stress levels, it also reduces your urge to stress eat or stress drink, thereby reducing your overall calories due to increased food or alcohol intake.

3. Cannabis Helps Improve Sleep

A poor sleepy cycle is a huge cause of weight gain  and cannabis is a great drug when it comes to helping with insomnia and other sleep-related problems. Cannabis allows users to have a sound and deep sleep, which, in turn, helps fix their sleep cycle that might be affecting their weight loss journey.

4. Cannabis Helps Boost Metabolism

Research studies show that cannabis interacts with the cannabinoid receptor 1 in our brains. This receptor plays a key role in metabolism and food intake. Hence, cannabis intake stimulates these receptors, which allows for increased metabolism and reduced energy storage, leading to a lower BMI.

Get Medical Marijuana for Obesity

Obesity is a serious medical condition and must be treated as soon as possible. If you are someone you know is overweight or obese, it’s best to get a medical marijuana certificate to use the drug for potential weight loss. And lucky for you, Indica MD provides medical marijuana cards to California, Minnesota and New York residents. So get in touch with them and sign up for your card!