You’ve probably experienced it: You take your daily dose of cannabis medication. Initially, everything seems fine. Until, after a while, you start feeling drowsy. In some cases, the feeling may remain for the rest of the day, getting in the way of your daily tasks.

So why does consuming cannabis make you feel sleepy?

Like any other medicine, cannabis also has its side-effects. Drowsiness is one of them.

This particular side effect is caused by one or more of the following factors:

  • Presence of THC:THC is known to activate our sleep/wake cycle receptors which make us feel sleepy. All cannabis medicines contain THC, but in varying amounts. Medicines high in THC concentration are likely to make you feel more sleepy than medicines with low THC concentration.
  • Presence of Terpenes:In addition to THC (and other cannabinoids), cannabis also contains terpenes. Like THC, terpenes may also induce sleeping effects in an individual. Consuming strains high in terpenes concentration produces stronger sleep drive.
  • Medicine type: Cannabis medicines come in different types including infusions, edibles, vaporizers and topical creams. The type of medicine you use also enhances the sleep-inducing effects of cannabis. Vaporizers produce the strongest effect, followed by infusions, edibles and lastly topical creams. In fact, topical creams rarely produce any feeling of drowsiness.

What can you do about it?

As you can acknowledge above, most of the reasons behind cannabis-related drowsiness have to do with the kind and type of medicine you take. As such, trying a different formula, changing the cannabis strain or using a different medicine type can all help reduce cannabis-related drowsiness.

For tailored guidance and what strategy will suit you best given your circumstances, you must consult a licensed medical marijuana doctor in your state. The doctor will be able to help and advise you better.

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