Plumbago Indica is a medicinal plant, which is commonly found in South-East Asian regions like India. You will also find this plant in green houses in the tropical regions of Africa, Madagascar, and Mozambique.

Medicinal Properties of Plumbago Indica

The root of this plant consists of naphthoquinone plumbagin. This is a hormone, which can help prevent prostate cancer. Apart from that, the aerial parts consist of multiple compounds, which include hydroxyplumbagin, plumbaginol, steroids, and leucodelphinidin.

Plumbagin has many qualities, which make it ideal for usage in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used for treating cancer and infertility. In addition to that, it’s also perfect for use in manufacturing anti-microbial packaging.

Plumbago Indica is a very strong irritant. It stimulates the nervous system (when consumed in small doses). However, consuming it in large doses can lead to paralysis and respiratory failure. The compound has been known to produce anti-implantation activities in rats.

At low doses, the plant has the ability to inhibit tumors. Ethanol extracted from the leaves is also effective against viruses. Apart from these, some additional medical benefits of Plumbago Indica include:

1. Strengthens the Immune System

Strengthens the Immune System

We have already stated that Plumbago Indica has anti-microbial properties. These qualities allow the plant to fight against different kinds of infections.

The plant boosts your metabolism by stimulating the digestive system and makes you stronger. Drinking tea mixed with this herb also helps you deal with depression and headaches.

2. An Effective Anti-Inflammation Agent

Plumbago Indica has anti-inflammation properties, which makes it ideal for use when treating ailments like Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism. It reduces swelling and provides you with relief from pain.

3. Treating Respiratory Problems

Drinking tea prepared with this medicinal herb helps remove phlegm and opens up clogged airways. It allows free flow of air and is an effective method of treating respiratory problems like Bronchitis.

4. Helps Reduce Weight

Decoction made with this plant can help you lose weight. However, make sure that you consume it in small doses. It increases the rate of digestion and allows you to burn more calories. Not only that but it will also help reduce the balance the fluids in your body.

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