Fibromyalgia is a pain syndrome, where people feel pain in their joints without any physical reason for it. There’s nothing wrong with their joints, it’s just that they feel pain for no medical reason.

Doctors are of the opinion that the condition occurs because patients are more sensitive to pain than other people. The condition usually begins when people develop psychological problems, infections or physical trauma. Currently about 10 million people in the United States suffer from the condition.

Problems With Current Treatment

According to the history of usual treatments, it’s been seen that normal painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs aren’t very useful in reducing the pain from the condition. What’s true, however, is that anti-depressant and seizure suppressing drugs are far more effective in controlling the condition.

CED Theory

Given the role of Endocannabinoid system in pain management, CBD comes out as a potential candidate for fibromyalgia treatment. It’s interactions with the ECS and pain-relieving properties, has led to much research on how it can help.

The CED Theory

There’s very little information for why people get fibromyalgia. However, the Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Theory seems to offer some answers. According to the CED theory, Fibromyalgia should be considered a completely neurological condition that is caused by a deficiency of hormones in the brain.

It says that the brain regulates sensations of pain through these hormones. A deficiency in those hormones causes people to become more sensitive to pain. It concludes with a note on how the other symptoms of fibromyalgia like insomnia and loss of appetite are also explained by a deficiency.

These hormones are also called endocannabinoids which are found in the endocannabinoid system. The chemicals are linked to pain management and feelings of pleasure. It would make sense if a shortage of endocannabinoids would increase sensitivity to pain and other symptoms.

How can CBD help?

The endocannabinoids create certain reactions in the brain to reduce pain sensitivity. Since CBD is chemically very similar to endocannabinoids, it can also create the same reactions. In fact, it’s this similarity that gives cannabis the psychotropic effect. It’s the same reason external cannabinoids like THC and CBD can interact with the brain to take effect.

CBD has already been linked to reducing anxiety working as a pain killer and other mechanisms that originating in the ECS. Using it to help reduce the pain from fibromyalgia is also often suggested by medical practitioners.


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