The use of cannabis for chronic pain isn’t a recent development. In fact, it goes back to 2900 BC, as ancient Chinese texts have shown the use of cannabis as a medicine for pain. Use of cannabis as a medical treatment started toward the end of 19th century in the West.

However, legal restrictions waned the used of medical marijuana. However, the use of cannabis in the US started to increase again after the 1960s. The research into cannabis is expanding exponentially and according to a study, in 2015, 8.3% of the American population actively used cannabis.

Use of medical marijuana for pain management can be effective for many patients but it’s also worth keeping in mind that everyone reacts differently to it.  According to a clinical trial conducted at McGill University, three puffs of marijuana daily can ease chronic pain.

Just like there’s a lot of argument in favor of medical marijuana, there are some circles against it too. So before jumping to any conclusions, let’s talk the pros and cons of using medical marijuana for chronic pain!

Pro: Reduces Opioid Dependency

Approximately 100 million people in the US are suffering from chronic pain. This is reason enough to consider the use of medical marijuana for chronic pain since most of these individuals are on some narcotic opioid-based medication to relieve the pain.

Reduces Opioid Dependency

With the use of medical marijuana, our dependency on opioid can be reduced.  Since marijuana not only provides pain relief, it also provides relief to other symptoms of chronic pain such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

The University of California San Francisco conducted a study which found that using cannabinoids with opioid drugs proved to be more effective.  With the use of medical marijuana, use of the opioid for chronic pain can be reduced.

Con: Marijuana Tolerance

When marijuana is presented as an alternative to opioid-based drugs, one common argument that is made is that people will develop a tolerance to marijuana and will need to smoke larger amounts to relieve pain.

Pro: Reduces Inflammation

Cannabis is most commonly used as a pain reliever but it not only reduces pain but also has an anti-inflammatory effect. This makes cannabis a very effective form of treatment for chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and neuropathy.

Pro: It’s Safe

Use of medical marijuana for chronic pain is not only effective but it’s also safe. There’s no lethal dose involved, cannabis has minimal drug interaction and it’s easy to dose. For instance, smoking risks can be avoided because cannabis can be ingested orally or through vaporization.

In short, medical marijuana can be a highly effective and safe treatment for chronic pain. If you’re looking to get medical marijuana, Indica MD can help you! We are an online platform that offers state-certified medical marijuana cards in New York and California.

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