Cancer has become the leading cause of death worldwide, according to the National Cancer Institute. Unfortunately, the number of cases is expected to increase by 23.6 million by the year 2030.

Cancer is a deadly affliction that doesn’t just touch and leave the lives of its patients; it takes over their whole being. Dealing with cancer requires a lot of effort and energy, not to mention dealing with the stress of cancer treatment.

How Does Cancer Pain Work

Cancer pain is in itself completely debilitating. It can end up majorly impacting the lives of the patients. The causes of cancer pain can vary from kind to kind, but for many patients, the pain is caused because of the cancer itself. For other patients, the pain is a result of the intensive surgeries and therapies required for combating cancer.

The intensity of the cancer pain can vary from the patient’s age to their cancer stage, the type of cancer they have, and the intensity of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy they’re exposed to.

According to the American Cancer Society, medical marijuana has shown to be actually helpful in relieving cancer pain.

Using Medical Marijuana for Cancer Pain

Many scientific studies have shown how medical marijuana can be incredibly beneficial for cancer pain. Dosage as low as 2.7–10.8 mg of THC coupled up with 2.5–10.0 mg CBD, can significantly help reduce pain. Both CBD and THC are different variants of medical marijuana cannabinoids that are found in different concentrations.

The peripheral nerves of the body’s anti-cannabinoid system have a number of cannabinoid receptors. These are known to be helpful in blocking the body’s pain nerves which can help relieve pain.

THC is very helpful in alleviating cancer pain, while CBD counteracts the psychoactive characteristics of medical marijuana and minimizes the ‘high.’ Cannabinoids can also help lessen the release of inflammatory agents within the body, as confirmed by the Cancer Journal for Clinician. A correlation between high medical marijuana dosages reliving more pain was observed.

Aside from its pain reducing properties, medical marijuana has also been known to stop the growth of tumor cells in the body, as studied by the American Cancer Research Association.

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