There is long standing debate on whether medical marijuana can be a cure for insomnia. Many studies point to a positive link between medical marijuana and sleep patterns.

Myths Surrounding Sleep and Cannabis

Let’s clear the air once and for all—consuming marijuana does not cause cancer (quite on the contrary actually), affect your hormonal level, lead to any impairment or cause sleepwalking or seizures.

It does however, lower stress that causes improvement in your sleeping patterns. It has been known to enhance mood, lessen the amount of times you wake up during the night and helps your muscles to relax.

Marijuana As A Medical Treatment

If you are considering using medical marijuana to sleep better or treat a sleep disorder, it is important to know how it helps your sleep.

The Older The Better

THCResearch finds that as THC (a common cannabinoid found in weed) ages, it converts to a chemical called cannabinol, or CBN that has sedating properties. A research experiment found this chemical to be five times more powerful in inducing sleep than consuming relatively new cannabis with low amounts of THC.

Therefore, the older variety of cannabis may be the best one for you.

Fall Asleep Faster

It should come as no surprise that cannabis induces sleep. It promotes muscle relaxation and relieves stress—both of which are prime causes for falling asleep faster and having a quality sleep throughout the night.

Suppresses REM And Helps Sleep Apnea

REM (rapid eye movement) is a sleep stage that is responsible for your dreams. Regular use of medical marijuana before sleeping has shown to cut the time you spend in this stage during sleep, which in turn decreases your dreams. This is beneficial to patients suffering from PTSD and subsequent nightmares.

clinical study conducted on patients of sleep apnea—a common sleeping disorder where people find themselves unable to breathe due to temporary blockages in their throat muscles, found improvement in patients administered with the drug.

The Inconvenient Truth

Due to limitations on cannabis-related research by Federal laws; there is an absence of substantial data needed to prove the efficacy of medical cannabis. However, if you are a Medical Marijuana card holder or reside in a state where marijuana is legalized, you can explore the effects of medical marijuana on your own.

It should however be remembered that smoking is extremely harmful for pregnant or breast-feeding women and minors.

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