Do you suffer from mental illness? Don’t worry; there are millions of Americans just like you.

Studies conducted by the National Reliance on Mental Health revealed that around 44 million Americans are affected by mental illness every year. Fortunately, there is less stigma surrounding mental health and more people are coming out and actively seeking treatment.

Budget cuts in mental healthcare have lefts millions of people wondering how they will pay manage rising costs of medication and mental health programs. Medication for mental health is not only expensive but also has debilitating side-effects.

The cost and the side-effects for mental health treatment have forced patients to look for other alternatives.

CBD has emerged as a savior for people suffering from mental health issues. It’s one of the many compounds extracted from cannabis plants. It has shown to provide an array of benefits for people dealing with mental illness without triggering psychosis allowing patients to treat themselves without getting high.

Here are some ways CBD helps with mental illness:

1. CBD oil for anxiety

Mix CBD with hemp seed oil or coconut oil to make yourself CBD oil. Several studies have revealed that CBD has natural anxiolytic properties; consistent intake of CBD oil can reduce the impact of anxiety disorders. It helps stabilize heart rate and blood flow and releases a calming effect.

Note that just because CBD and THC are extracted from the same plant, THC (found in traditional marijuana) cannot be substituted with CBD. The combination of traditional marijuana and anxiety can have devastating effects due to the triggering of psychosis; patients can become incredibly paranoid and possibly have a panic attack.

1. CBD oil for schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is one of the more serious mental health illnesses. Schizophrenia patients constantly hallucinate if there condition is left untreated. According to new CBD can reduce the psychotic effects of schizophrenia without exposing patients to hazardous side-effects. Studies show that CBD heightens levels of serum andamamide which helps alleviate the psychotic effects of diseases like schizophrenia.

2. CBD for OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder happens to be a form of anxiety that can also be treated with CBD. Currently OCD is treated with anti-depressants that are addictive and have long-lasting side-effects.

CBD provides a relaxing effect on the body so people with OCD no longer feel the need to be in constant control.

3. CBD oil for PTSD

PTSD is a form of mental illness that affects everyone from military veterans to civilians that have experienced some form of trauma.

Physicians prescribe Zoloft or Prozac to patients struggling with PTSD which can lead to addiction and even withdrawal symptoms.

CBD is a completely natural treatment for PTSD; it’s shown to provide relief from fear and emotional pain.

4. CBD oil for social anxiety

People that struggle with social anxiety have a fear of being judged by others and are overly conscious of themselves.

CBD’s effect on the limbic and paralimibic portions of the brain significantly reduces social anxiety.

If you suffer from the mental illnesses listed above, consider getting a medical marijuana card in New York and buying CBD.

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