CBD is one of the 104 compounds found in cannabis plants and has made headlines across the country for its many health benefits that include reducing the side-effects of radiation therapy, treating cancer, treating epilepsy and much more! To top it off, CBD provides all these benefits without getting patients high!  

Devotees of medical marijuana swear by the benefits of CBD claiming that it is a cost-effective, revolutionary alternative to modern medicine that comes with many side-effects and is also expensive. CBD is said to provide all the benefits of regular medication without the mind-altering affects of other marijuana stains.

CBD oil is created by extracting CBD from marijuana plants and then diluting it in a carrier such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

Here’s how millions of people around the world use CBD oil:

1. They swallow it

The most common way of using CBD oil is taking a spoonful and swallow it. When CBD oil is swallowed, it is metabolized by the liver and eventually makes its way into the bloodstream. Once it’s in the bloodstream, it’s affects are felt throughout the body.

Some medical marijuana dispensaries even distribute CBD oil oral applicators which allow you to squeeze and optimal quantity of CBD oil onto the tongue before swallowing it.

2. They hold it under tongue

There’s something you probably hadn’t heard of! By holding CBD oil under your tongue, you’re letting the mucus membranes in your mouth absorb the CBD.  This method of consumption provides faster delivery since the CBD oil can bypass the digestive track and liver and go straight to the blood stream.

3. They mix it with food and drinks

The absorption of CBD can be enhanced by consuming it with your favorite foods and drinks. The body absorbs it just like it absorbs other vitamins and minerals. Foods also contain fatty acids that serve as carriers for CBD and take it around the body.

mix it with food and drinks4. They chew it as a gum

Another way of seamlessly integrating CBD into your daily life is to chew it as a gum. You can chew it after your morning coffee and after your lunch.

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