There have been a number of studies related to cannabis, which study its effects on the human body. Out of these, many of them relating to the effect of cannabis on nausea have led to the same popular belief: cannabis is effective in treating those dealing with nausea.

While there is no complete guarantee that cannabis is the answer for all your nausea-related issues, it definitely does its part in helping you manage it. There are hundreds of reasons that can cause nausea, and cannabis doesn’t entirely tackle any of these. Nausea itself is a symptom, and cannabis works on providing relief from that symptom. Let’s take a look at how it does this.

How Does It Work? 

As mentioned before, nausea is a symptom; an overall sensation created and regulated by the central nervous system. The neurotransmitters present all over our body are responsible for us feeling any kind of sensation; touch, sleep, pain and even mood. Nausea can be felt throughout the body due to the brain sending specific signals to these transmitters.

Cannabis is effective against nausea as it tackles the issue at its source, the transmitters. Cannabis disrupts the signals sent to the pre-existing cannabinoid receptors, which prevents the brain from sending the signal of discomfort and hence the body won’t feel that way. It doesn’t stop or change the cause of the nausea, but is extremely effective in blocking the sensation of it.

Do You Need To Get “High”?

For people already feeling nauseous, getting “high” would sound like adding to the problem. The good news is that you don’t actually have to get high. Studies have shown that CBD—which doesn’t have any psychoactive effects—has very beneficial anti-emetic properties and could help treat nausea.

CBD is one of the two main components of marijuana, and the main component of medical marijuana. Even when consumed in large doses, CBD doesn’t produce a ‘high’. It’s a completely natural product with little to no risk involved and makes for a compelling alternative to traditional treatments of nausea.

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Controlled Amount of THC

Most cannabis flowers don’t have an abundance of CBD; hence the use of products with concentrated amounts of CBD may be preferred. However, THC is also great for dealing with nausea. Although it is the psychoactive component of cannabis, you don’t need to ingest a lot of it in order to reap the benefits. A considerably less amount of cannabis is required to battle the effects of nausea, so it should be taken with consideration to how much a person can handle.

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