COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of human life. From work to school to physical and mental health; everything has been adversely affected by the Coronavirus. As the American healthcare system in America struggles with the pressures specific to the Coronavirus, patients undergoing other types of treatment have also struggled to receive sufficient attention.

Patients enrolled in Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Patients have also been affected by the virus. In this blog, we’ve answered some Frequently Asked Questions about the Program to ease your concerns.

Q1. Do I need to have an in-person consultation with a pharmacist before I can receive my medical cannabis?

No, you don’t. The Governor’s Executive Order has waived the “in-person” requirement. Consultations via phone and video calls are also acceptable during this period.

Q2. How do I renew my enrolment if it is about to expire?

Due to the Executive Order, all enrollments, starting March 31st, will be extended automatically until sixty days after the peacetime emergency ends.

Q3. I’m a first-timer planning to enroll in the Medical Cannabis Program. Do I need in-person consultation with my healthcare doctor?

Even as a first-timer, you don’t need to have an in-person consultation to enroll in this Program. Remote consultation through audio and video calls is acceptable during the emergency period; however long it lasts.

An online video consultation between a patient and doctor

Q4. Are Minnesota’s medical cannabis manufacturers and patient centers open during this period?

Manufacturers and patient centers are both exempt from the Governor’s stay at home order and continue to function regularly.

Q5. Who qualifies as an emergency caregiver, and where can I register them?

Close relatives such as your family and friends can qualify as a temporary caregiver. You can register a personal care attendant or any such individuals as a caregiver as well. register your caregiver on the portal to let the system automatically enroll them into the Program

Q6. Will my caregiver have to be approved by my healthcare practitioner?

During this period, the approval requirement has been waived, and you have the liberty of registering a caregiver at any time.

Q7. Do emergency caregivers need to go through the entire appraisal process?

No, from March 31st until peacetime emergency ends, temporary caregivers do not need to go through the appraisal process and background check.

Q8. Do I need to enter the Patient Center to obtain my medical cannabis?

No, you don’t. The Executive Order allows curbside pickup, and you or your consultant can do it. They will still be required to show their government-issued photo ID, but you will not be asked to enter the premises.

If you’re satisfied with the MN Medical Cannabis Program adaptations, enroll on Indica MD’s website to obtain a Brooklyn Park medical cannabis card. Their online services will guide you through the process with ease and satisfaction.