Owning to its numerous medical benefits, the CBD hemp flower is becoming increasingly popular across the US. People use it to relieve pain, treat insomnia, improve appetite, and reduce stress. There are many ways to take the hemp flower depending on your preference and lifestyle; while some people enjoy vaping, others smoke it and infuse it with edibles.

But how would you know which hemp flower is the most effective? Each strain has different specialties. Out of the 113 identified species, many have a greater THC concentration, while others have a higher CBD amount. Here are some factors you should keep in mind while choosing the best CBD hemp flower.


The potency of the CBD hemp flower is one of the essential factors in determining its quality. A high-grade CBD bud will give you a hard-hitting effect just after the first two pulls. However, if you don’t feel the entourage effect, you’re most probably using a low-grade product. Hemp flower buds with high density and strong scent have the most potency.

Aroma and flavor

A good quality strain has a powerful aroma that can fill the room when you open its jar. The terpenes present in the hemp plant enhance its aroma and nature. It’s also important to note that each hemp flower has a different smell. While some may smell breezy and fresh, others have a harsher aroma like diesel or petrol.

But no matter how your hemp flower naturally smells like, a fading fragrance indicates a weak bud. A more potent hemp flower has an inviting and multi-dimensional taste that can overwhelm you. Ensure that you keep the hemp flower in an enclosed glass jar for longer shelf life and enhanced flavor and aroma.

Wooden tray filled with aromatic tea made of CBD hemp flower


Look and feel

The best hemp flower strain can be told apart from others by just one glance. Its terpene and trichrome profile give it a bright and fresh look, authenticating its high-quality. Keep in mind that a high-grade strain should feel sticky to the fingers and drop trichrome layers when released. Strains that aren’t sticky are weak and ineffective. However, make sure that the buds are damp free. Apart from trichomes, white resin coating should also cover the top of the bud. Since resins are rich in cannabinoids, their presence indicates a potent strain.

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