Your first meeting with a medical marijuana doctor might be slightly different from the same as a regular physician. You must be prepared to ask some upfront questions like:

‘Will the CBD interact with my routine medications?’

‘What side-effects should I expect?’

‘What cannabis consumption habits I must adopt?’

But that’s not all. Your first meeting will be a lot more comprehensive. The following guide might help you get through it:

Be well-prepared

Although a medical marijuana doctor will guide you through the process, it’s also essential that you do your research before visiting them. Before speaking to the physician, you must read up on your state’s medical marijuana laws and see how they apply to you. The rules vary across states. You can read the ones that apply to New York here.

We also recommend learning more about your condition. Take a paper and pen and list down your symptoms and how they affect you. If you have any medical documents of past prescriptions to support your statements, bring them along. Making notes will make your meeting with the doctor easier. Enlist all the medications that you’ve taken in the past, which didn’t work for you.

An illustration depicting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes


Talk about the suitable medical marijuana derivative

If you’re allergic to a certain strain or derivative of medical marijuana, include it in your notes. If you’ve experimented with cannabis in the past, inform your doctor. Speak to them about the THC and CBD content of what they’re recommending. You should know that THC is the psychoactive compound that makes you feel ‘high.’

Similarly, CBD stimulates a more clear-headed effect and helps you remain functional and productive after taking the dosage. If you have to attend to work after taking the dosage and are concerned about the psychoactive effects, let your doctor know. They’ll plan the dosage accordingly.

Your doctor might not recommend medical marijuana

It’s also highly likely that your physician won’t recommend medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is a relatively new field of study that your doctor might not specialize in. However, this doesn’t mean that you can self-medicate. Even if your state recognizes your ailment as a qualifying condition, you can’t walk into any dispensary and purchase your dosage. You still need a doctor’s recommendation.

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