Neuropathic pain affects approximately 20 million individuals in the United States. Many drugs cannot effectively treat its symptoms since neuropathy damages the nerves, reducing medication’s efficacy. Most individuals take analgesics, anesthetics, or pain-relieving drugs, which momentarily impact the nerves and relieve unpleasant feelings. These drugs aren’t recommended for neuropathies and frequently cause long-term consequences.

Some research studies have revealed that marijuana can provide mild pain relief in people who don’t respond to typical pain drugs like gabapentin or opioids. The use of marijuana is nevertheless linked to short-term side effects such as throat dryness, nausea, and migraine.

Due to these and other reasons, it is illegal to consume cannabis at the federal level. You may need to obtain a medical marijuana card to use medical marijuana for treating a particular disease. Studies in medical marijuana are still going on to find more significant results.

So, can you use medical marijuana for peripheral neuropathy? Let’s find out.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

When nerve fibers are injured, wounded, or malfunctioning, they send wrong signals to pain centers in the central nervous system (CNS), resulting in peripheral neuropathy.  Fatigue, discomfort, and loss of sensation usually start in the feet or hands and develop upwards.  The amount and variety of nerves damaged determine the effects. Peripheral neuropathy can be unexplained in several cases, but it can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and HIV infection.

Peripheral neuropathy has a severe negative impact on one’s life quality and capacity to work. Many individuals struggle with behavioral, mental, and functional issues, leading to a high proportion of various psychiatric disorders and occupational disabilities. Despite its medical importance, unfortunately, it is frequently under-treated.

Medical Marijuana For Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Cannabis has been extensively studied in treating neuropathic pain. Generally, existing evidence supports the effectiveness of inhaled or smoked marijuana in its floral form as therapy or supplementary therapy for nerve pain of diverse syndromes. Additional advantages, such as improved sleep and functional capacity, have also been observed.

Medical marijuana is found to help with nerve pain, but there isn’t much evidence of its impact on neuropathy patients.

Side Effects Of Marijuana On Neuropathy Patients

Although medical marijuana can help neuropathy patients reduce their nerve pain when consumed in lower quantities, taking high doses of medical cannabis can result in many side effects like reduced psychomotor speed, impairment in memory, and learning.

So, one should always consult a professional specialist before taking medical marijuana, as it can be harmful if taken in large amounts.


Get Marijuana Medical Card For Neuropathy

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