According to a recent study by Business Insider, cannabis sales have skyrocketed ever since the COVID-19 crisis surfaced. This makes a lot of sense, as people are confined to their homes. Cannabis sales in states where it’s legal have gone up by 50%. And in some states, such as in Michigan, sales have gone up by a whopping 75%.

If you want to join the club and get your cannabis delivered to your doorstep, follow these guidelines:

Contact a trusted dispensary

The dispensary you choose makes all the difference. Before placing an order, call them up and inquire about any standard operating procedures they follow. You have every right to know whether the people who deliver your packages are trained and whether all the appropriate sanitization measures are being followed.

How many visitors does the dispensary allow inside the store at a time? Does the dispensary have a big enough fleet to deliver your orders on time? Now that most sales have gone online, does the dispensary have the web infrastructure to handle these orders?

Contactless delivery

Contactless delivery services have been on the rise ever since the pandemic first took hold. The idea is to get your orders delivered without establishing close proximity to the delivery person. Try and opt for online payments so no exchange of cash takes place.

You can request that the delivery person drop off the package at the doorstep and step back. You can pick it up. You could also ask them to drop it off at the apartment lobby or the reception. This protects both you and the dispensary’s employee.

Disinfect the package immediately

You’re going to consume the medical marijuana product you’ve ordered. Since it’s an edible product, don’t take any risks as far as safety goes. Make sure you get rid of the outer package immediately and discard it before bringing the actual product inside the house. It’s best to wrap the outer package in a plastic bag before discarding it.

Bring the box inside and disinfect it immediately. If you’re confused about what products to use, refer to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s list of approved disinfectants that work against SARS-COV-2.

Make sure you’re wearing a face mask and surgical gloves throughout the process. Once you’re done with the disinfecting process, your cannabis is ready to be consumed.


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