COVID-19 is claiming lives around the world every minute. Countries around the world are struggling to put an end to the pandemic.

Considering the frenzy the world is in, everyone’s fixated on the million-dollar question: when is a cure arriving?

In this post, we’ll be discussing the progress on this front, including whether cannabis may serve as a plausible treatment option in the future:

What does the research say?

Over the past few weeks, President Trump made headlines when he suggested that hydroxychloroquine was a probable treatment for COVID-19. And although not much substantial evidence has backed that claim, other more legible claims have started coming in.

A group of scientists from Canada, for example, listed a number of Cannabis strains that may help prevent COVID-19. However, this is a developing study and has not yet been endorsed by any health agencies around the world.

This research is being conducted by scientists at the University of Lethbridge in Calgary. To begin with, the scientists studied over 400 strains of cannabis and narrowed it down to around a dozen that may serve the purposes.

The researchers claim that medical cannabis may be effective in reducing the number of virus receptors in the body. This may reduce an individual’s chance of contracting the virus. However, more research is needed on how CBD may work in this regard.

How was the research conducted?

The researchers studied 3D models of the airway and oral tissues in the respiratory tract. After exposing the tissues to CBD, it was concluded that the cannabis extracts modulated ACE2 protein levels and the genetic makeup.

This is an important discovery because ACE2 receptors are known to be an entry point for SARS-CoV-2. Initial findings suggest that this modulation may result in medical marijuana becoming a safe alternative for reducing the chances of infection.

Scientists have also claimed that if the research turns out to be a success, it may reduce the chances of someone contracting the virus by 70 to 80%. Cannabis strains could be used to manufacture products like throat-gargle products and mouthwashes.


What’s the way forward?

Since the research is still in its preliminary phase, not much can be concluded at the moment. However, the initial findings do give us a ray of hope.


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