With so many marijuana dispensaries out there, it can become difficult to choose which one that’s right for you, especially when you’re a first-time user.

Here’s what you need to consider before you opt for a medical marijuana dispensary:

Do you Want Recreational or Medical?

Before you decide on a dispensary, you’re going to need to think about whether you want recreational or medical marijuana. There is a difference between both; recreational marijuana offers a “high” while medical marijuana is free of all psychoactive properties making it safe for use when you’re driving, working, etc.

If you’re seeking relief from specific medical conditions, you’ll have to stick to medical marijuana strains that offer high contents of CBD— an ingredient of cannabis that provides an abundance of health benefits.

Focus on Quality and Not Quantity

There’s no point in spending your hard-earned money that doesn’t give you the results you seek. The quality of marijuana is determined in the growroom. The grower will ensure that the plant is given high-quality nutrients, is stored in a room with great air quality and is only exposed to specific types of pest control.

Generally, budtenders don’t know much about what goes on behind the scenes so they won’t be able to provide much information. However, consumers should be able to get a good idea of the quality by reading online reviews and asking medical marijuana doctors for recommendations.

Feel free to research the company and look out for certifications and awards they may have earned. It helps to know exactly where your medicine is coming from!

Look for Variety

Marijuana comes in a variety of stains, colors, shapes, aromas, and tastes. Some strains boost your energy levels, and there are strains that relax you.

If you’re looking for medical marijuana, a medical marijuana doctor will be able to recommend specific strains that serve your needs.

Research the type of strains that are best for your ailment. Go for a dispensary that offers a large variety of ailment-related strains instead of those who only offer a handful.

Not sure what medical marijuana strain is best for you? Ask a trusted medical marijuana doctor.

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