Medical marijuana provides a range of health benefits when used according to a recommended dose, and when the product is of high-quality.

This makes quality control and assessment during production, evaluation, and distribution essential. Luckily, quality assurance in the medical marijuana industry has come a long way.

Knowing how to judge the quality of the drug you’re consuming is an important step in making an informed and empowered decision about your health.

You need to be able to recognize the difference between high-quality and subpar medical marijuana in order to give your body the best care. Here’s how you can do so:

The Importance Of Consuming High-Quality Marijuana:

People often turn to medical marijuana for health reasons. Regardless of the condition behind this decision, each user deserves transparency with regard to the product’s quality and effectiveness.

The following are some things to look for when buying medical marijuana:


It’s practically impossible to mistake the smell of medical marijuana. But more than that, once you’ve grown used to premium quality ware, you’ll easily be able to tell if a vendor is selling you inferior marijuana.

The smell is potent and highly distinguishable. The tiny crystalline trichomes that line the exterior are resin glands that produce terpenoids. There are nearly 200 concentrations of terpenoid secretions that are responsible for the unique flavor and smell the plant produces.

There are three different distinguishable smells that medical marijuana produces. These include sweet aromas (flowery/fruity), earthy aromas (smell of pine/lawn grass/smoked woods) and ashy or smoky aromas.

Smoky aromas are the most popular unfortunately, even though they signify low-quality blends, and an improperly stored and ill-cultivated cannabis plant.

medical marijuana

Crystal Structure

A properly stored cannabis plant is known for its geometrically intact structure that highlights round and symmetrical buds—indicating balanced growth.

Trichomes are the most visible feature of high-quality cannabis. Premium quality marijuana will contain distinct and pearly white trichomes that line the bud. They are often called sugar-based, due to their appearance. Hence, the more sugar you see on the bud, the higher the quality.

Hair-Like Structures

The cannabis plant contains an arrangement of hair-like structures. These structures play an important role in governing the quality of medical marijuana.

You’ll be able to tell the difference between a mature cannabis plant and a fresh bud by examining the color of these hair-like structures. The older they get, the darker their curls tend to be. Colorful pistils, on the other hand, are a key indicator of bud freshness.


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