Migraines are tough to deal with. You need to know its triggers before it leaves you incapable of getting through the day. For many people, nausea, pain, sensitivity to noise or light doesn’t get better with over the counter or prescribed medicines. These people may benefit from alternative treatment.

Cannabis can help with treating a range of headache disorders. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is known to treat a range of chronic conditions and diseases like cancer, migraine headaches, depression and Parkinson’s disease.

Over The Counter Medicines Aren’t Helping!

Migraine attacks can last anywhere between 4 to 72 hours. They can result from acute stress or being exposed to triggered allergies for a long period. They can also result from sudden movements, loud voices or sharp light (people who experience migraines cannot stand in the sun for long).

While there are a lot of treatments for migraine headaches, but if those haven’t been helping, your body might have become treatment-resistant. These medications can also give rise to a range of side-effects.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help With Migraines?

Medical marijuana, on the other hand, comes with little to no side-effect while offering an effective treatment for migraine headache. It works in collaboration with the cannabinoid receptors in your brain—a channel of tiny loops of protein that decides the intensity of your pain. When it enters your bloodstream, the cannabinoid in medical marijuana looks for cannabinoid receptors in your brain. This changes how the receptors will work and cause you pain.

Which Cannabis Is Better For Migraines?

There are two subspecies of cannabis: Indica and sativa.

Cannabis sativa has a high level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and a low level of CBD (Cannabidiol). Sativa is known for its uplifting, euphoric and energetic after-effects. Hence, it’s often recommended for use during the day.

Moreover, cannabis Indica has a high level of CBD and moderate levels of THC. It induces a calming, sedative and relaxing effect and is often prescribed during the night. It can make you drowsy and put you to sleep.

If you or your loved one are suffering from prolonged migraine attacks, medical marijuana might help.

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