Before the pharmaceutical companies we see today, people sought their medicines from nature. This is why the cannabis plant has been consumed for millennia as an all-natural painkiller. Due to its psychoactive effect and accompanying misinformation, the plant has gained a dubious reputation.

Still, increasingly, more physicians are now prescribing medical marijuana to their patients, especially those who suffer from chronic illnesses and have to deal with debilitating pain at all times.

Marijuana has many stereotypes associated with it, and media representation has somewhat cemented its image as the past time of a certain kind of lazy people. However, the all-natural drug has the unique capability of significantly reducing pain in people, which makes it a lifesaver for people with chronic health conditions. Read on to find out how medical marijuana is a pain reliever and why more doctors believe in the plant’s miraculous capabilities.

Medical Marijuana as a Painkiller: The Science Behind it

Due to the negative sentiments surrounding the drug, there were few scientific studies on the relationship between marijuana and pain in the human body. Any information about marijuana working as an effective painkiller was through anecdotes from people.

However, the landscape has dramatically changed now due to the legalization of medical marijuana, and now lots of new scientific discoveries are being made about marijuana’s effect on the human body. Marijuana’s role as a painkiller is still being researched; however, many probable theories suggest just how the drug reduces and helps chronic pain.

One of the theories is that marijuana regulates nociceptors. Nociceptors are receptors in the body responsible for detecting pain. By controlling the nociceptors, the body can feel less pain. The cannabinoids also reduce the release of anti-inflammatory proteins in the body. This is helpful for people with autoimmune disorders as the immune system is dysfunctional, and inflammation cannot be controlled.

Another theory is that marijuana works more as a pain distractor than a painkiller. Research showed that marijuana changed the activity in the part of the brain responsible for the emotional aspect of the pain.

Why is Medical Marijuana Better than Conventional Painkillers?

The primary reason which gives medical marijuana a considerable advantage in comparison to regular painkillers is that it is not addictive. Many people who regularly consume pharmaceutical painkillers getaddicted, which brings many issues.

However, marijuana does not respond the same way for everyone, and it is not a treatment that will work equally for everyone. Therefore, if you want to use medical marijuana as a pain reliever, start with small amounts, get acclimated to it, and then go further.

Final Thoughts

Medical marijuana is increasingly gaining popularity in regulating pain in people with chronic illnesses. People with conditions such as Crohn’s disease or cancer are some of the top users of medical marijuana in the US.

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