Your doctor has recommended medical marijuana for your health condition and you’re a little confused as to how you should go about it.

Given that marijuana has its fair share of myths and misconceptions around it, you might not really know whether the information you have is accurate.

So, to clear the air around the basics of medical marijuana use, IndicaMD offers some answers to the more commonly asked questions patients have, so you can make an informed decision about using medical marijuana!

Question#1: I know the positive effects, but are there any negative effects of marijuana use?

Controlled usage of marijuana doesn’t usually cause any such negative side-effects. However, consuming CBD or too much cannabis may lead to some patients experiencing some side-effects like increased sleepiness, fatigue, short-term memory loss and paranoia. Exercising, eating right and sleeping it off may help in alleviating these side-effects.

Question#2: Can I only smoke medical cannabis?

While the traditional method of consuming marijuana is smoking, there are still many other ways to consume it. Products such as edibles, essences, vaping, tinctures, oils and even balms are incorporated with hemp and cannabis, so you’ll easily find a method that works better for you.

Question#3: Can I get addicted to it?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, patients can become dependent on marijuana and experience withdrawal symptoms as well. However, that mostly happens when people depend on it excessively and consume it in unregulated amounts.

 Question#4: Can anyone qualify for a medical marijuana card?

medical marijuana

While the requirements for qualification vary from state to state, you do need to have a qualifying medical condition or ailment to be eligible for a medical marijuana card. And even then, the process requires further investigation before you’re issued a state-licensed medical marijuana card. If you have a letter of recommendation from a doctor stating that you need marijuana; that would help. Otherwise, you will need to consult with a professional on how to move forward with the process.

Have Further Questions?

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