Marijuana consumption is unfortunately wrapped in a lot of damaging political rhetoric. This large-scale—often untrue—slander against it has had disastrous consequences for medical marijuana usage.

Not only has research been stifled by all the red-tape, a lot of false narratives have surfaced about what marijuana does and doesn’t do. In light of all of this, it’s important to be grounded in what scientists actually know and say about using pot for medical purposes.

This knowledge can often be the difference between whether you can obtain a medical marijuana card or not.

Here are 5 conditions that you didn’t know medical marijuana could help make more manageable.

1. Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is one of the worse neurodegenerative disorders there are. This is especially true of it its advanced stages, when the tremors and spasms associated with it get really bad. Both the patient and their family suffer immensely as the disease gets worse over time.

Even though there is no cure currently, it has been found that medical marijuana helps with the muscle stiffening and spasms immensely. Patients who have had the good fortune of having it prescribed to them report much happier lives, and symptoms that are much more manageable

2. Chronic Anxiety

Generalized and chronic anxiety is debilitating for people who have it. It can make the smallest of tasks impossible to do on days where it gets really bad. For example, socializing with other people becomes a minefield of over-analyzing every word people say to you, and always doubting yourself.

Marijuana has been known to quell anxiety for a long time now. It makes talking to people easier and can be the difference between whether you get out of bed or not on a day where the anxiety just won’t go away.


Through the marvel of medical advances, people who test positive for HIV can now live really long, meaningful lives. This doesn’t mean that they don’t still go through a lot of daily strife in terms of drug side effects, as well as the symptoms of AIDS itself.

Marijuana makes nausea a lot better, and eases muscular and bodily aches and pains associated with the disease. It also elevates AIDS patients’ appetites, so they can be healthier while fighting the illness.


4. Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel syndrome that can cause a lot of pain in the lower half of your body. Unlike the other conditions on the list here, where marijuana is used to merely manage them, Crohn’s disease can potentially go into complete remission with the right marijuana usage!

This is a huge finding that cannot be ignored. Some patients who took marijuana for it reported feeling like how they did before they got Crohn’s, while others said that the symptoms were a lot lesser in intensity. Both of these are very desirable results.

5. Cancer

Cancer treatment comes with a lot of downsides; whether it’s the hair loss, or the pain that you feel everywhere on your body post-chemo, it’s a lot to take for anyone. A lot of cancer patients are put on painkillers, but these have a lot of nasty side-effects.

The THC compound that is found in marijuana not only makes the pain a lot better, it also induces hunger, which can be a good defense against the co-morbid anorexia that a lot of cancer patients report.


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