There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the wonders of CBD by now. Healthcare specialists see it as a miracle cure for everything from aches and pains to anxiety and depression. Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD treats numerous chronic illnesses, without altering the nervous systems or causing a “high.”

In the last two years, about 64 million Americans have used CBD, of which 22% stated that they replaced prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs with CBD due to its effectiveness. Most people prefer taking CBD in the form of extracts instead of “isolates.”

And if you want to consume it on the down-low, here are some great options for consuming CBD discreetly.

Skincare Products

CBD skincare products are also known as CBD topicals. These are excellent CBD-infused products for people who are trying to treat skin conditions like eczema, allergy, or even localized pain.

You can apply CBD topicals directly to the skin in the form of creams, balms, lotions, salves, and skin patches. These products are highly effective for people with arthritis, because they help reduce joint pain and swelling.

While CBD topicals provide intense pain relief, it’s best to take a product with high CBD concentration for the best results. When the skin absorbs a high amount of CBD, it distributes the products within all the cells to provide instant comfort.

CBD products with capsaicin, menthol, and camphor are very therapeutic for the skin.

a man holding a CBD lotion


Edible Products

Companies have now introduced a wide range of CBD edibles, including mints, candy, truffles, and gummies.

Like every food, an edible CDP supplement has to pass through the digestive tract and liver to break down. As a result, you should expect to feel its effects after at least 2 hours of its consumption.

With edibles, your body absorbs approximately 20-30% of the CBD—making them particularly effective.

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Classic CBD Oils

CBD oils are the most traditional method for CBD consumption. They’re also known as CBD products and are designed for absorption below the tongue. Companies produce CBD oils by soaking cannabis flowers in alcohol and oil. These are the go-to alternative for people who want to avoid the sugars and preservatives included in edible CBD products.


As opposed to edibles, CBD oils don’t pass through the digestive system and are easily absorbed by the body through the tongue. As a result, the body can preserve and benefit from higher quantities of CBD. The effects also kick in faster and provide instant pain relief.

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