While the advocates have proudly witnessed the legalization of medical marijuana across many states, there is still a big void that needs to be filled when it comes to the legalities behind travelling with medical marijuana.

Since it has only been lawfully embraced in a handful of states and still considered illegal at the federal level—travelling across the state lines or U.S. borders can be very difficult for you.

We’ve rounded up some useful tips to make travelling with medical marijuana easier for you.  Don’t let your medical condition come in your way of exploring the country!

Seek for Your Doctor’s Approval

Before you head out, it’s essential to keep your physician in the loop. Keep them informed about your destination, your planned date of departure, and other details regarding your vacation. Your physician’s approval will be based on all the information that you provide. If you’re using medical marijuana to treat your condition, some states and places could be out of your radar because of their laws. Mainly, in states where medical marijuana is still considered illegal, you may have limited or no accessibility to the medical care you need. It’s safer to wait until your physician approves.

Precautionary Measures at Airport Security

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According to the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) travelling guide, medical products containing hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) are allowed to be moved in hand-carry and checked luggage. However, if the medication isn’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or manufactured within the regulations established by Agricultural Improvement Act 2018—the state will have all the rights to confiscate it.

Make sure you carry sufficient hemp-derived cannabidiol that must last through your vacation trip. The TSA also advises labelling all medication in a solid form.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Medical Marijuana Card and Health Insurance

Carrying a medical marijuana card will make it easier for you to obtain your medication from marijuana dispensaries if you’re heading to a state that has legalized the usage of medical marijuana. Also, if you’re travelling outside the United States, get in touch with your health insurance provider to ensure if your medical expenses will be covered throughout your trip.

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