Marijuana plants undergo various stages of growth before its beautiful buds can flourish. Looking at the plant thrive through the different stages is an experience worth having. However, with each new stage, there are new responsibilities.  So, if you’re looking to grow your own medical marijuana, we’ll be discussing the stages that your plant will go through.

1.     Germination Stage

The initial stage of any plant begins with the seed. The seeds must be germinated and there are various ways you can do that. Note that quality; even at this stage, is important. To identify a quality medical cannabis seed, ensure that it’s brown, dry and hard.

During germination, the seed will transform into a seedling or sprout and form a root. This seed can then be introduced to any growing environment.  The stage takes anywhere from 24 hours to a whole week depending on the type of cannabis.

As the plant forms new leaves, it will lose the husk and move into the next growth stage.

2.     Seedling Stage

The second stage requires extra care as the newborn plant is susceptible to diseases. You’ll have to be extra careful with the quantity of fertilizer and water you’re giving to the seed; too much or too little can hinder growth.

At this delicate stage, the most important thing for your seedling is light. It needs as much light as possible. If done right, the right amount of light and water will help your plant develop stronger roots. What’s more, you’ll start seeing characteristics in your marijuana plant leaves.

The number and shape of the leaves can change depending on the kind of marijuana plant you’re growing. At the seedling stage, the leaves will only have a single leaflet. With time, five to seven leaves will start to grow—this is when the seedling stage ends.

3.     Vegetation Stage

The vegetation stage is when the growth is accelerated. Your medical marijuana plant will grow about five inches in a single day. You’ll need to supply it with the right nutrients so that it can start growing buds.

Marijuana plant with 7 leaflets


Nitrogen is particularly important at this stage as it provides the necessary proteins and chlorophyll to the plant. The water intake also increases and light is still the most crucial component for growth.

4.     Flowering Stage

The final stage is also the longest one for marijuana plant growth. This can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks. You can safely divide this into two separate stages—the pre-flowering and flowering stages. The former stage starts as the days get shorter and the plant receives less light.

During this stage, the plants need a lot of water and even special fertilizers for enhancing the formation of the buds.

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