One of the biggest issues plaguing the United States is the high amount of opioid consumption. While medical professionals recommended them to treat excessive pain, opioids have side-effects that have led to an epidemic of people suffering from the various problems it can cause, including addiction.

Medical marijuana is considered an option to deal with the problem as it provides similar benefits with minimal side effects. Here’s how:

Using Medical Marijuana for Pain Treatment

Opioids are commonly recommended for chronic and acute conditions as they help relieve pain. Unlike simple painkillers such as over the counter medicine, these are much stronger in potency. Patients often complain of problems such as nausea, vomiting, and constipation after consuming opioids.


Medical marijuana has a similar influence minus the side-effects, as it signals to the endocannabinoid receptors of the body, allowing acute and chronic pain to be relieved. Studies show that medical marijuana is much more effective in relieving pain compared to opioids.

Marijuana as a Healthier Alternative

Addiction is a risk attached to opioid consumption. Apart from the other effects of opioids, which include high cravings, pain in the muscles and bones, and uncontrollable movement in the body, statistics also show a high death count due to opioid overdose.

On the other hand, medical marijuana doesn’t cause any such conditions among people consuming it in a controlled and preserved quantity—as such, the side-effects are much less severe. At the moment, there are no clear statistics regarding medical marijuana addiction.

The Increasing Legality of Marijuana

Medical marijuana is being increasingly prescribed by doctors due to its benefits, especially in the form of CBD. Epidiolex is an FDA-approved medicine used to treat epilepsy patients that’s no longer a controlled substance i.e., a substance that can be misused for recreational purposes. More states are pushing to legalizing the substance on account of its positive attributes. This can also curb the growing opioid epidemic.

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