Medical marijuana has proved to be an effective and viable solution for ailments ranging from chronic pain and epilepsy, to Huntington’s disease and PTSD.

Marijuana’s medical applications have also been extended into pediatrics with research suggesting a positive rate of success.

Like any medical prescription and depending on your condition, your doctor will prescribe a specific dosage and method of administration for medical marijuana. While it may be a tad more complicated than downing a pill, administering medical marijuana is simple once you get the hang of it.

Here’s how to go about it.

Marijuana Topical Solutions

Marijuana topical solutions are infused with the active ingredients in medical marijuana. They are designed to be applied to the skin where the pain is experienced. Topical solutions come in the form of ointments, lotions, salves, sprays, and more.

For patients experiencing localized pain, topical solutions are a very effective way of pain relief. This means that pain from muscle soreness, arthritis, tendinitis, and other topical solutions include ointments, lotions, salves, sprays, and more.

Smoking Marijuana

When it comes to marijuana consumption, smoking is definitely the most common image that comes to mind. While smoking marijuana for recreational purposes may be its most popular use, one can also smoke it for medical reasons as well.

In order to smoke medical marijuana, you will need to place a small amount of extract into joint paper, a bong, or the bowl of a pipe. For a joint, you will have to roll the paper into a small cigarette. In all three scenarios, you need to hold a flame close to the end and let it burn before inhaling.

Smoking medical marijuana has the benefit of providing quick relief from pain or nausea. It’s also one of the cheaper methods of administration. However, smoking may prove harmful to patients who have a history of lung problems or asthma.


Vaporizing Marijuana

While vaping medical marijuana is similar in many ways to smoking it, it’s different because it involves inhaling vapor instead of smoke. Vaping or vaporizing also requires different tools than one would use when smoking a joint, bong, or pipe.

In order to vaporize medical marijuana, you will need a hand-held or table-top vaporizer. They tend to come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. All you will need to do is preheat the vaporizer to the manufacturer-recommended temperature before putting the medical marijuana extract into it.

Simply press the button then and inhale. Make sure that you take small hits at first if you lack any experience with vaporizers.

Vaping medical marijuana may be a more expensive alternative to smoking, but it’s definitely a healthier one. Inhaling marijuana vapor is easier on the lungs because the temperature is lower. The scent of cannabis will also be less apparent.


Gone are the days when edible medical marijuana consumption involved eating foul tasting homemade brownies or cookies. These days, consuming edibles is made easy because of the sheer number of ways you can have them.

If you feel like having a chocolate bar, eating ice cream, or even sucking on a lollipop, you can find medicated options easily. They are just as delicious as their cannabis-free counterparts. Many people can seldom even tell that they are infused with medical marijuana.

The benefits of edibles include long-lasting relief, precise dosages, yummy treats, and a workable alternative to inhaling. Consuming edibles, however, tends to take a few hours for the relief to kick in.

Edibles are the most common method of administering medical marijuana when it comes to children and elderly patients. It is recommended to start off with minimal dosages, especially if you are not used to the effects.


Tinctures and sprays are typically a mixture of cannabinoid extracts and alcohol, oil, or glycerin. To apply tinctures, you will need to apply drops of the mixture under the tongue to be absorbed by the tissue in the mouth.

Using tinctures is a simple and discreet method to administer medical marijuana. Because tinctures avoid any kind of inhalation, they don’t cause any possible damage to the lungs. It’s one of the best methods for children.

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