Medical Marijuana and Appetite Stimulation

Patients who have used medical marijuana for treatment of any disorder or medical condition would know that the drug stimulates hunger and increases metabolism. Consumption of medical marijuana is particularly useful for disorders which result in loss of hunger. While medical marijuana is not legalized for treatment of medical conditions [...]

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Good Eats with Marijuana

The Munchies Is How Marijuana Helps Stimulate Appetite A lot of people taking medical Marijuana for anxiety, depression and pain relief are often worried about their eating habits. One side affect of Cannabis consumption is that it can really boost your appetite, making you feel hungry all the time. Some [...]

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Why the Scientific Community is in Favor of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has seen its share of criticism and regulatory control. The herb was banned in the early twentieth century and remained strictly prohibited until the end of the century. The restrictions only started easing at the end of the millennium. The drug has come a long way since the legalization [...]

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15 Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The healing properties of Marijuana have been known for a long time. Cultures from all around the world have been using cannabis seeds, flowers and buds for medical purposes. Ancient texts in the Chinese and Indian cultures speak of the herbs therapeutic effects. Some of the benefits include relieving pain, [...]

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