The medical community of the US, as a whole, has been mostly dismissive of the medical marijuana topic.

This is why a large number of patients are hesitant in discussing their medical marijuana concerns with a doctor. According to a study by Harvard, this happens because they have an inherent fear of being chided.

We’re here to tell you that self-medicating with medical marijuana can worsen your condition in several ways. Here’s why seeking professional advice is vital:

It comes in different forms

Medical marijuana comes in a wide range of derivates, all of which depend on your individual preferences and needs. The right form of medical marijuana is usually decided through trial-and-error. Even a medical marijuana specialist will give you multiple options before deciding on what works well for you. If you’re dealing with muscular pain, a topical derivate might be a better idea than smoking medical marijuana. Consulting a medical marijuana doctor will make sure you don’t take up the incorrect dosage and are not exposed to any unpleasant side-effects.


Possible drug interaction

A medical marijuana specialist will also make sure your cannabis dosage doesn’t interact with any other medicine that you’re taking. They also make a detailed note of any underlying conditions, allergies, and considerations that you may have. In some cases, medical marijuana may cause drug interactions, especially if you’re taking other medicines for blood sugar or epilepsy.

You need to figure out the right strain

If you’re self-medicating, you’re likely to use whatever you can get. This isn’t the correct way to go about a medical marijuana dosage. For a product to work well for your symptoms, you need to understand the THC to CBD ratio of the strain.

Individuals who self-medicate often use high-THC products that result in higher withdrawal. In some cases, they mistake the withdrawals for anxiety and consume more cannabis—leading to a downward spiral. Any form of the guesswork can further deteriorate your condition, cause impairment, and even affect your everyday activities.

Although medical marijuana has fewer side-effects than other conventional treatments, there might still be side-effects if you’re using the wrong strain. In most cases, the side-effects are non-severe and can be overcome with the right advice.

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