As if the world wasn’t stressful enough, the COVID-19 pandemic took it to a whole another level. A lot of people are worried about things such as their incomes, the health of the economy, and their families and loved ones. Television and social media haven’t helped much either. People need to be encouraged to talk about their mental health. This is why at Indica MD, qualified doctors are available to help provide solutions if you are based in California, Minnesota, or New York.

Psychologists have traditionally been understood to be reached out to when in stress, but they don’t come cheap. Visiting a psychologist can be both a costly and complicated process. For a lot of people, this conventional way of managing stress is effective, but for many, it’s not. This is why we at Indica MD want to point them toward an alternative solution: medical marijuana.

How Medical Marijuana Can Relieve Anxiety

To counter stress, a lot of people adopt unhealthy mannerisms such as avoiding people and overeating. This can worsen your mental health, and you start falling deeper into the abyss. Cannabis, given after professional consultations, can provide a better solution. According to a study by the Washington State University (WSU), cannabis is very effective in the short term. If you’re having trouble dealing with anxiety, then our qualified doctors can advise you regarding dosage and strain. Marijuana can stimulate serotonin receptors, therefore, reducing anxiety and regulating mood. Marijuana also improves sleep quality, which allows the body to heal from stress. Cancer patients have testified that chemotherapy sessions have become more bearable with the use of medical marijuana.



Start Using Marijuana Now the Right Way

Marijuana isn’t a fit for everyone, which is why self-medication can be harmful.

At Indica MD, we review your medical history and, based on that, either give you the medical card or not. If you live in California, Minnesota, or New York, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Rochester, and Riverhead, and are looking for medical cannabis, then please contact us now. You can email Indica MD at to get a Medical Cannabis Card in Queens NY