Losing weight is a goal that millions of people hold onto and want to achieve. But we know it’s not as simple as manifesting or wishing it into existence, and it takes not just hard work, but a combination of factors.

For many, not even diet and exercise are enough, as physical and mental health challenges often make it tough to shed even a few pounds. However, the addition of medical marijuana to your weight loss regime may speed up the process and results.

Marijuana increases appetite but lowers weight

While there is room for more conclusive evidence, there’s a lot of data out there on busting the munchies myth. Marijuana may cause an increase in cravings for carb and fat-rich foods, but THC is also responsible for revving up your metabolism and regulating gut microbes. There are also other reasons why this might be the case and why cannabis users report lower BMIs and lower rates of obesity, but it’s safe to assume that there is promise to these results.

A thin, fit woman holds a hula hoop for exercise purposes.


You’ll find it easier to manage muscle soreness and fatigue

As mentioned above, marijuana may not cause direct weight loss, but there are several reasons for this, including the ability to exercise more freely.

The anti-inflammatory and pain management properties of marijuana can help reduce DOMS and other associated pains and aches with working out to help recovery, rest, and combat fatigue.

Not only capsules, gummies, and oral or smokeable forms of marijuana, but a lot of topicals are excellent for this very reason.Marijuana

Marijuana lowers stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety contribute to weight gain a lot more than we realize, especially when we’re taught to dismiss them as a legitimate cause for concern. Stress and anxiety lead to an increase in appetite and emotional eating, rising cortisol levels, and declining energy levels, which make it impossible to work out or stay consistent with fitness routines. Marijuana can help manage and alleviate these symptoms through its stress-relief properties, and using it in low doses can work wonders for your mental—and of course, physical—health.

For people who struggle to lose weight or stay consistent with their regimen, small amounts of medical marijuana may help significantly. If you’re looking for reliable medical marijuana doctors in California, reach out to us to learn more. We also have doctors who issue medical marijuana cards in New York and Minnesota.