If you were born in the 60s, you must’ve tried cannabis. It was considered a sign of rebellion and was a prominent element of culture at that time. While some people have continued to use it in recreational ways, others have stopped because of the anti-drug laws.

In recent times, governments are considering their citizen’s health to the forefront. Thirty-three states in the US have legalized medical marijuana use, and many senior citizens are turning towards it as a viable option to cure their ailments.

This blog discusses how senior citizens can use cannabis for the first time.

Talk to Your Doctor

If your physicians see it fit for your medical condition, they will help you evaluate if medical marijuana is a viable option for you. This evaluation consists of a physical exam followed by a comprehensive review of diet, supplements, and prescriptions. Given your age, the doctor may also have a test checking your cardiovascular stress levels. Even though your doctor is not licensed to prescribe you cannabis, the check-up will help you figure out if it’s for you.

an old man dressed in active wear experiencing chronic wrist pain


Determine if You Need It

States that have legalized medical marijuana use have limited access to patients of some selected health conditions. They are called ‘qualifying health conditions. You can only apply for a marijuana card if your health condition falls under that list.

Medical marijuana opens different directions for patients to manage their health if their current medications aren’t helping. For instance, if your painkillers aren’t working anymore and you can’t go for a higher dosage, medical marijuana may be a logical step towards alleviating the pain.

What Type of Cannabis Will You Be Comfortable Using?

How do you like your marijuana? You may not know your options, or maybe it has been too long since you last tried it. Don’t fret. Dispensaries have trained staff who can help you. You can try edible, smokable cannabis or tinctures. Your choice!

 a table will cannabis buds, joints, and CBD oil.


Find a Physician

Indica MD can provide online medical consultations where the doctors can quickly draft a recommendation letter that gives credibility to your record when getting a state certificate. All you need is a webcam and a microphone for the virtual meeting.

Get Your Marijuana Card

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