Medical marijuana is made from the cannabis plant. Flowers and fruits of the plant are first dried to extract any water, and then the dried plant is further processed via different methods to purify the active ingredients.

High-quality marijuana has a higher concentration of active ingredients that include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). THC is responsible for the neurological effects of marijuana, and it’s usually present in the highest concentrations, which can reach up to 80%.

The concentration of these ingredients in marijuana depends on how marijuana is processed. Here are some of the common methods used to remove the inactive ingredients and purify marijuana.

1- Butane Honey Oil

Butane Honey Oil extraction is one of the most vigorously studied methods used to process marijuana. The method involves spraying butane on the dried cannabis plants, which absorbs the active ingredients of cannabis.

The solution of cannabinoids and butane is then left to evaporate. Butane evaporates, leaving behind purified cannabis. A vacuum chamber may also be used to accelerate evaporation.

This method is performed in a highly controlled environment. This process can extract up to 80% pure THC.

2- Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol is far less flammable than butane, which is why many cannabis producers are adopting ethanol extraction. This method is also more environmentally conscious since no fumes are released into the atmosphere.

In this process, liquid ethanol absorbs THC and other active ingredients, leaving the inactive fibrous body of the plant insoluble.

The solution is then refined to get a higher concentration of the active ingredients.

Depending on the effectiveness of the refining process, ethanol extraction can provide some of the purest forms of cannabis.

3- Water Extraction

Unlike other extraction processes, this process does not use an organic solvent to extract the cannabinoids.

The plant is submerged into cold water, which is then stirred. As a result, the fibrous indigestible woody parts of the plant are separated, and cannabinoids are extracted from the water via refining processes.

Person picking buds from the cannabis plant to make medical marijuana

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