Because medical marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, you can’t get a medical marijuana “prescription”—you can, however, get a medical marijuana recommendation.

At the moment, medical doctors can’t officially prescribe medical marijuana for treatment purposes, but they write a recommendation which you can take to a dispensary.

The ease of obtaining medical marijuana varies from state to state. In some states, unless a patient proves they have qualifying conditions to obtain medical marijuana, they’ll have a hard time getting it.

Each state has its own qualifying conditions; before you ask for a medical marijuana recommendation, make sure your conditions qualify.

So what is a medical marijuana recommendation?

Let’s take a look:

Medical Marijuana Recommendations

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Doctors can’t give patients access to medical marijuana by writing a prescription like they do for other medications.

Since medical marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, doctors instead write a recommendation that states that medical marijuana can enhance a patient’s wellbeing and complement ongoing treatment.

Many states have a long list of qualifying conditions, making it easy for patients to obtain medical marijuana. In other states, only major conditions like cancer and epilepsy qualify.

Where Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Recommendation From?

In states where medical marijuana is legal, it’s not too hard to find a doctor that will write a recommendation for you.

In some states, you’ll have to sit down with a medical doctor while they review your medical history and determine whether or not to give you a recommendation. In other states, you can set up a video consultation with a doctor and receive a certificate of recommendation—as simple as that.

Can Any Healthcare Professional Write a Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

No, medical marijuana recommendations can only be given by licensed medical doctors after they’ve reviewed medical records and decided that they have qualifying conditions.

After receiving a recommendation, patients can legally purchase and consume medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries.

You will need the certification to purchase medical marijuana along with a medical marijuana card that proves you’re a resident.

Patients can choose from various strains and forms of medical marijuana, including tonics, tinctures, oil and edibles.

The staff at the dispensary will guide you on what strains will be best for your condition.

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