Although marijuana has been legalized for all adults in 11 states and for medical use in 34, there’s still a procedure for obtaining your medical marijuana card and being able to use it for health conditions and problems.

You might be wondering who is eligible for a medical cannabis card in CA or NY, and while both states have different criteria and requirements, we can help you connect with medical marijuana doctors NYC in either to evaluate your case and issue you a card.

While each state has specific conditions that make patients eligible for medical marijuana, ranging from mild to severe health challenges, acute, chronic, and terminal conditions, here are some conditions that help you qualify for medical marijuana use in both:


Since medical marijuana can help with weight fluctuations, side-effects of ARV treatment, and the mental health effects of managing a condition like AIDS, it’s often recommended to patients dealing with it.

With improvements to treatments and medication, side-effects are a lot less severe, however, still persistent, and medical marijuana can be of use in different ways, including for HIV wasting.


Cancer is a condition whose treatment is often just as aggressive and painful as the disease itself. Chemotherapy, radiation, drugs, and IVs, can leave patients weak, nauseous, tired, and with other severe side effects like seizures.

Medical marijuana has been linked to alleviation of these side effects, and helps patients combat the disease, while some research takes it further by exploring Cannabis’s role in destroying cancer cells.

A woman suffering from a headache takes a break during work.


Chronic pain

Chronic pain may not always be persistent or have the same intensity all the time, but it can still be very disruptive. For those suffering from chronic pain, be it from stress, injury, disease, or other causes, medical marijuana can be a godsend. If you have trouble managing day to day activities, sleeping, or feel a major disruption in your life, it’s worth speaking to our physicians about medical marijuana use.

Other chronic or terminal conditions

Both states also have allowances for conditions that may not be on the list, but result in chronic pain, are terminal in nature, or cause disruption to daily life, and may otherwise require opioids.

However, it still requires a case by case evaluation by state-licensed medical experts. If you feel like you could be eligible for a card, reach out to us today, and we’ll help you!