The cannabis plant has been used for centuries for its several medicinal and recreational benefits. In the United States, the plant has had a complicated history with law enforcement agencies, and for a long time, all marijuana use was criminalized.

However, plenty of scientific research has backed up marijuana’s range of medicinal and therapeutic benefits, and medical marijuana has now been legalized in 37 states.

Medical marijuana is excellent for people with chronic pain, and its medicinal benefits also alleviate the mental symptoms of chronic illnesses along with the pain. Users have reported feeling more at ease, less anxious, and increased appetite after regular use of medical marijuana. More doctors are now prescribing medical marijuana to patients to help them manage their symptoms. Cancer and Crohn’s Disease are conditions where patients may benefit from medical marijuana.

There are also many different ways to consume medical marijuana apart from smoking. Users can adjust their way of consumption according to their preference, condition, or how potent they want the marijuana to be. We have listed three different ways to consume medical marijuana for you to consider the next time you intake your prescribed dose.

3 Ways to Intake Medical Marijuana

The most commonly known method of intaking marijuana is smoking. The drug is commonly associated with rolling joints or using a pipe. However, many people, especially the ones with illnesses, might not prefer smoking. Therefore, here are three different ways to take medical marijuana other than smoking:

1. Marijuana-Infused Products

For patients who wish to avoid inhaling marijuana, marijuana-infused products, such as edibles, provide an excellent alternative. Edibles are also excellent since they can be a source of necessary calories for patients who need them.

Edibles are made out of oils derived from marijuana. Patients who only want to benefit from the medicinal effects of cannabis can also opt for CBD edibles. Medical marijuana edibles might have a strong psychoactive effect. Therefore, caution should be exercised.

2. Sublingual Consumption

Sublingual consumption of marijuana refers to administering marijuana oil under the tongue or rubbing it on the gums. This method is especially effective since the mucous membranes absorb the cannabis and the effects kick in quite quickly as compared to when it is ingested. The effects of sublingual marijuana can stay for a good portion of your day, depending on what you eat.

3. Vaping

Some might confuse vaping with smoking. However, vaping is electric and does not involve burning marijuana. Smoking can also nullify the effects of organic compounds like terpenes; therefore, vaping is an excellent substitute for smoking and is also said to have fewer adverse effects on the user’s lungs. For these reasons, medical marijuana vapes are gaining popularity.

Final Thoughts

Medical marijuana’s range of medicinal and therapeutic benefits make it an excellent way to improve the quality of life of people who suffer from chronic illnesses. Its mental benefits are also crucial for patients’ daily routines.

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